Cat Crochet Pattern Round-Up: 12 Free Patterns & Awesome Tutorials

cat crochet pattern compilation best free patterns

Finding a crochet cat pattern on Pinterest is easy, but for those lovely images to successfully lead to an actual pattern may prove to be a bit of a challenge.

Each and every one of these cat crochet patterns has been traced and investigated at the time of writing. Because there are so many spammy/shady websites, I like to make sure the curated lists on Dimensions of Wonder are frustration-free!

If there isn’t a proper, working webpage to point to, it’s not a usable pattern anyway. Equally important is to give credit where credit’s due and link back to the original source.

12 Hand-picked & Quality-Checked Cat Crochet Patterns

So check out the work of these talented makers and designers, who generously share their feline creations with us, and pick your next crochet project… Which one will it be?

cat and kitten crochet patterns all free curated by dimensions of wonder
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This awesome long-limbed kitty looks a bit cartoon-esque as if he stepped out of a Tom & Jerry episode. Its paws are so cute and realistic! Not a big fan of the eyes being set so close together, though. How do you think his face would look with those further apart, the white snout a tad smaller and the nose a little lower?

Emma’s Animal Creations

The free pattern includes a few pictures, which might come in handy for beginning crocheters. Emma diligently and patiently answers questions by readers about variations or errors in the pattern. Can you picture this crochet cat in XXL, made with super bulky wool and a 15mm crochet hook? Yes, it would basically be a kitty pillow!

Little Bear Crochets

Check out the Litte Bear Crochet blog for a free pattern of this small cutie. Looks great in different colors too, there are pictures of light and dark versions – a striped one would not be impossible either, with a little creativity. Just replace some of the rows (whole or in part, to leave room for the face) with a contrasting color.

Crafty Bunny Bun

On Crafty Bunny Bun you’ll find a very thorough tutorial with many pictures for this kitty crochet pattern. It’s a great example of up- and downscaling the end result by simply changing the yarn and hook size.

Crochet cat pattern by Payton Sage on Ravelry

Wow! If you’re lookign for the most realistic cat crochet pattern, this one’s your pick of the litter. The pattern is wire free and can be child friendly if facial features, including eyes, are embroidered. 

Coco Crochet Lee

If you don’t mind putting in some extra miles – or rather, rows – the result can be a long and snuggly cat friend like this one that doubles as a pillow.

Amigurumi Today

Amigurumi Today requires you to make an account with your email address and you’ll be prompted to do so by a pop-up window. In return you’ll have unlimited access to the crochet pattern for this huggable guy dressed in a smart ribbon.

Krisi Tullus

Kristi is from Estonia and her patterns are sold through The blog (by a different name) has lots of free patterns and tutorials, This crochet kitty shouldn’t intimidate beginners either, as there are lots of images to follow along with.

Samyelinin Orguleri

With the lengthy tutorial on this blog, complete with countless step-by-step pictures, even beginners can feel confident about having a go at this beautiful cat stuffy!

Dumpling Kitty Pattern by Sarah Sloyer (on Ravelry)

Simplicity comes in many colors if it’s up to Sarah Sloyer: check out this happy cat tribe, from a free pattern on Ravelry.

Amigurumi Today

Amigurumi Today has this crochet cat pattern, which is possibly my favorite one of the bunch. Love the attached legs, and the scarf and hat – complete with a cat-ear-shaped top – are too much.

The face may need a personal twist, though. What’s with the trend to put the eyes so close together? And those sad eyebrows?

cat face inspiration

If you need inspiration for a different snout layout, how about something more like this swoon-worthy stuffed cat toy by Creepy and Cute on Etsy.

Tarturumies Crochet Cat Pattern

Isn’t she just the loveliest girl cat? The pattern for the sweet kitty here comes in an orderly grid form and, once finished, little miss Mia is bound to melt some hearts.

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