Crochet Dog Sweater Compilation: 13 Free Patterns

crochet dog sweater compilation of free patterns

Here’s a selection of crochet dog sweater patterns; thirteen of them, and all are free! Most come in at least three sizes, some in more.

Remember to look “through” the example pictures, because even if they’re not to your liking, in (an)other color(s) the outfit will look vastly different. As well as, might I add, on another dog. 😉

1. Romantic Roses

This crochet pup sweater with delicate roses can be made in four sizes. Perfect if you know your way around a crochet pattern and are looking for something a bit more frivolous. Of course, this one’s best suited for a dog who won’t nibble the embellishments right off!

2. Bulky & Easy

As far as crochet skill goes, this simple dog sweater is rated just above the complete beginner-level. The free pattern comes in four sizes and uses bulky wool.

3. White Tie

A fancy one for special events… What a great ring-bearer outfit this would make! Looks as though it tailors to two sizes only, small/medium or large.

4. The Poet

This crochet dog sweater is called “the poet”. The pattern is written in three sizes and requires intermediate crochet skills.

5. Little Pocket

With a cute lil’ pocket, this sweater is for intermediate crocheters and the pattern is for three sizes again – small/medium, large and extra-large.

6. A Big Heart

The same pup from the Lion Brand team with a different model, featuring a large heart. (Also in three sizes.)

7. Make and Do Crew

This crochet dog sweater is my favorite one for a few different reasons. Its timeless elegant look with the wrap collar, the neutral color scheme with one accent color (which of course allows for customization) and the fact that the pattern is written for nine sizes!

Here’s what it looks like on:

8. Mini Bolero

This tiny bolero with flower applique is a free pattern on LoveCrafts. While it won’t do all that much to keep your little friend warm, if you parade you her around town in this creation she’ll be sure to get some attention from the crowd!

9. Chunky Texture

A little bit shorter than other models, the combination of the wriggly texture with the straight stitches along the edge makes this vest stand out. The deep blue seems a perfect choice for this pattern.

10. Cute as Two Buttons

It actually has four of them – two on each side. This little turtleneck with matching cuffs is sure to keep the puppy warm. The pattern comes in three sizes and is tagged as ‘easy’ to make.

11. For the Love of Texture

Hard to go wrong with a simple design merely emphasizing the texture of some interesting stitches. What I like about a sweater like this one is that it is warm, functional, and doesn’t steal the limelight from the dog. Endless color variations to flatter the most diverse fur and eye shades!

12. Practical: Step-in with Top Closure

What a delight, this multi-colored sweater with a row of small buttons on the backside and contrasting cuffs & collar. There are four sizes to choose from.

13. With or Without Flowers?

Not sure a pooch would feel about those massive flowers hitching a wobbly free ride on their back. I’d leave them off and just go for the coziness of this sweater with large, chunky stitches. Function over fashion all the way!

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