15 Lovely Printable Christmas Gift Tags in Black & White (No Color Printer Needed)

free printable christmas gift tags black and white

Who said simplicity doesn’t allow for lots of variety? So many different designs in this set of free printable Christmas gift tags, all within the simplicity of black and white.

10 Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

1. Morgan Rapp

I’m especially digging the little hand-drawn tree and ‘season’s greetings’ in the top left corner of the image below. Although, you don’t really need a printer to achieve that effect – merely card stock and a black pen. The three-letter j o y design also stands out and should look lovely with just about any kind of wrapping paper.

2. Gather and Feast

More hand-drawn text and elements here – which, of course, can be achieved without printing. All you need is thick paper or card stock, a black marker, and a relatively steady hand. A not-so-steady hand in combination with a decent dose of self-confidence would work great too. With semi-messy-looking fonts being all the rage these days, don’t be afraid to try!

3. Saffron Avenue

If you’re wondering whether this free-flowing design is hand-lettered or uses a font, I have been as well. The writing definitely is very smooth and stylish. At first glance, it totally looks like a font – and one that I’d like to own, at that! However, when you closely compare the letters, none of the same ones are identical. The differences seem to exceed the number of alternate characters that are typically included in a font.

4. The Beautydojo

This cute little tag with geometric patterns has an air of folklore, wouldn’t you agree? Leave this delicate design as-is, or why not use it as a miniature coloring page? You could go to town on this tag with colored pencils or markers to make it your own.

5. Studio Karamelo

You can’t go wrong with little sprigs of various types of Christmas trees! Those with a multi-lingual social circle might appreciate the absence of text. (Although, the likelihood of someone not appreciating the gesture of a Christmas attention, even if the words on the tag are not in their native tongue, is extremely small.)

6. Home. Made. Interest.

These tags would look equally great printed on white cardstock, or even light green, light blue, or any other shade that matches your Christmas decorating theme of the year. Then again – that’s the case for any of these printable Christmas gift tags. Since they’re all black and white you can go with any color paper or background, as long as it is light enough for the black to stand out.

7. Simple as That

Retro vibes for this classy Christmas gift tag design. It is also the only one to print dark with white lettering. Perfect if you have some black ink cartridges you absolutely need to burn through. 😉 But really – while these tags will use a lot of ink, there seriously cute. And you could also get them printed online and delivered. Problem solved.

8. Maiko Nagao

How absolutely stunning are these free printable Christmas gift tags?! Thank you, … for sharing your art with the world. By the way, if merely clicking ‘download’ and ‘print’ isn’t adventurous enough and you want to try your hand at free-hand calligraphy, I’ve covered some of the tools used in this post. Pretty basic – all your need is some ink and one of those Eastern-style brushes. Oh, and the tenacity to not give up when your first 125 try-outs produce nothing other than a hot mess.

9. Gooseberry Moon

10. The Craft Patch

The tags below are super classic and, as a result, they should be a good fit for almost any occasion or recipient. At home, at work, family, friends, large gifts, small attentions, personal or business related gifting… If it is in need of a tag, a ‘Merry Christmas’ in an elegant script is just that perfect finishing touch your gift has been waiting for.

Five More Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags in Black & White

Lastly, here are five more gift tags to print for free – in case the first ten didn’t quite hit your mark. There are lots of options, from as many designers who share their work with the world.






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