Free Printable Monthly Calendar April 2013

Suddenly popping up: a free printable monthly calendar for the month of… April.


Maybe. But since there are all sorts of different calendars in the world, not neccessarily starting in January, why not march to my own drum here and start in April?

The Chinese New Year starts in February, the Jewish year begins somewhere in September (if I’m not mistaken) and for the ancient Romans March was the first month. This free printable monthly calendar design was too late for January, February or March, but as everyone seems to be doing their own thing anyways, it sound like there’s nothing strange about starting a new ‘year’ right about now.

Happy April!

Free Printable Monthly Calendar April 2013

free printable monthly calendar april 2013

[button link=”” type=”icon” newwindow=”yes”] Download here[/button]

Use the “Download here” button to access a high resolution JPG image of the printable calendar. The link opens in a new window. The image can be saved to your computer with a right mouse-click.


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