How To Draw A House Step By Step

how to draw a house step by step

Here’s another small-ish drawing tutorial. Follow along with how to draw a house step by step. The first step consists of a very basic house shape. It’s just a square with a triangle stacked on top for the roof.

It’s not architecturally sound but you’ll see further down that it looks rather cute nonetheless!


Basic Shapes

Next, we’ll expand on the framework by adding a few more very basic shapes. A long rectangle for the chimney, a circle window, and two more rectangles for the downstairs window and door.

Extend the bottom edge of the house to the left and the right, so that it stands on something instead of ‘floating’. Floating houses are cool, too, but this isn’t a science fiction movie. It’s just a little house drawing tutorial.


A Bit Of Background

Are you ready to add the clouds, both in the sky and out of the chimney?

The smoke is simply one continuous line with a bunch of swirls in it. The large cloud behind the house gives the scene a bit of depth and the smaller cloud behind the big guy enhances that effect.

Of course, it is way cooler when the cloud actually makes sense visually. To ensure the cloud’s parts line up correctly and set yourself up for succes, try to draw them in the order outlined below.


That’s it!

The tiny house drawing is basically done. However, a few embellishments with a very fine black marker make all the difference between the house looking ordinary or quite catchy.

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Adding In The Details

  • Add a small line just under the roof
  • Draw a line around the door and windows
  • Add a thin bar right under the ground-floor window
  • Scribble a couple of flowers alongside the outer wall (or anywhere else you think looks fancy)
  • Speaking of fancy – how’s that smoke, filled in with some dainty swirls?
  • Lastly, check out the tiny mailbox below:

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