Jelly Jar Labels or just plain Round Labels, Free.

Free Round Jelly Jar Labels

These round printable jelly jar labels were inspired by clouds, majestically floating high in the blue summer sky. Dry pastels with some smudging here and there are what makes them look dreamy and fuzzy. Almost like the real thing!

A bit of an unexpected subject for labels perhaps – on the other hand, an outside-of-the-box design is what makes these printable labels suitable for all kinds of different uses.

Don’t we all have areas in our life that could benefit from some extra organizing? Use these original, round printable labels to cheer up the plain boxes in your attic or storage, add your name to school books, notebooks, any books…

Decorate the top of your jelly jars, Mason jars, filled with edible or non-edible creations, shoe boxes, attach them to party favors, wedding favors, gifts… It doesn’t matter if you’re five years old or fifty-five, these labels will fit almost any purpose, from apple-butter to zippers, from shoes to screws.


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How To Cut Out Round Jelly Jar Labels

Unless you’re feeling brave with scissors, there’s a special tool for this task. The round paper punch. Brilliant tool, available at some Office Max stores. If you don’t live close to one of those, Amazon has all sorts and sizes of them.

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