Pumpkin Pie Illustrated Recipe Art in Watercolor & Pen


Classic recipes usually have many versions, and opinions as to which one is the absolute best. When looking for a nice pumpkin pie recipe online, a multitude of food blogs pop up. Of course, each variation of this epic fall treat is a little different. Here’s the one that ended up being my pick: the great pumpkin pie recipe by Sally’s Baking Addiction. However, even I ended up making some changes!

You know how when you’re cooking or baking something new, there’s a lot of going back-and-forth between the directions and the messy counter space where you’re juggling all the ingredients?

Having to refer back to the phone each time gets annoying fast. It’s worth the effort to take a moment and jot the basics down on a scrap of paper. Oh, the pure bliss of something so old fashioned that doesn’t jump to lock-screen all the time. Ha! Yes, I know that can be modified or turned off. Still, paper is just better.

The next step up?

A visual representation of what to do, when, and with what, instead of mere lines of scribbled words.

As a visual learner, I find it quite convenient to work with a sketch versus text only. This pumpkin pie illustrated recipe is the 2.0 version of an initial draft/sketch that has the same layout and worked well for me in the kitchen. To take it to the next level, on this one I used pens and watercolors. And finally, a few extra drawings tossed in for the fun of it plus a good-looking font for the ingredients and title.


Pumpkin Pie Illustrated Recipe Art

Here’s a look at the details up close:


Recipe Credit & Yet Another Personal Twist

The recipe on the label of canned pumpkin typically contains sweetened condensed milk. Yikes. As a fairly healthy and natural eater, I must say I’m biased towards wholesome and less processed ingredients, such as heavy cream. So that’s what piqued my interest in this pumpkin pie version by Sally’s Baking Addiction. The spices lured me in the rest of the way. Everything is broken down instead of “pumpkin pie spice blend”. And black pepper?! Hell yeah!

Obviously, I am in no way a food blogger. Following any of the changes described here is completely at your own risk. If you happen to also prefer using less sugar (in general, or in baked goods) and enjoy a little more spice for flavor and are a bit lazy (call it efficient and result-oriented), then my adjustments could be right up your alley.


One and a quarter cups of sugar is the ‘official’ recipe by Sally’s Baking Addiction. I’ve made this with no more than three-quarter cup and it was fine. By fine, I mean everyone in the house really enjoyed it. But we’re a little health-nutty and our taste is definitely off the commercial path. The standard of typical American baked goods and sweet treats to me feels like being slapped in the face with a brick of sugar. If you agree, it should be good to know that this pumpkin pie recipe works with the amount of sugar adjusted to taste.

Egg wash

Egg wash? Sure, why not… If you want the pie crust and embellishments to look all shiny and don’t mind the extra effort, go for it. But it tastes equally delicious without and less work.

More spice, please!

Another matter of personal taste – I go heavier on the spices than the given amounts. A bit more of all of them gives the pie some extra “oompf”. How much more exactly? Hard to say exactly because I wing it but it’s probably about time and a half. Heaping teaspoon measurements instead of flat ones. Don’t blame me if it’s too spicy. 😉 Blame my husband.

Staying on top of baking time to prevent cracking

Sally from Sally’s Baking Addiction explains how it’s important to not exceed the time in the oven. This is to avoid the pie filling to crack. Another step I do not care enough about to put in the effort. As a food blogger, when you want to publish the prettiest pictures on the block, it makes sense to work on aesthetics. But as someone who’s only interested in eating the bounty? Who cares. Crack or no crack, there’s nothing wrong with slapping whipped cream on top and digging in.


Now go make some pie… with or without your own twist. And when you find your own magical combination of ingredients, play around with pens, pencils, and watercolor paint to create an illustrated recipe for future use! Or get this one – the art print is available in various sizes through Etsy here.

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