Be Inspired & Express Yourself

Every so often, it is nice to channel our energy into making something with our hands. To draw a few lines, or write down words. Smell paper, and twist a strand of wool. Let your thoughts drift inward or outward and be in the moment.

It is not merely nice but powerful to do so.

Do you feel me?

Looks like you’re in the right spot!

What brings you joy, nurtures your being, and helps you find calm amid the daily hustle & bustle?

Maybe you have the soul of an artist. A seeker, a rebel, a watcher, or a maker.

It can be a challenge to carve out time for self-expression. For crafting and creating, or to keep a record of thoughts, ideas, and memories.

I built this website to help you make the most of those quiet moments.

You’ll find:

  • Cute & easy doodles
  • Drawing tutorials
  • Curated pattern compilations
  • Journaling prompts
  • Printable wall art
  • Coloring pages
  • Printable calendars & more.

Draw & Doodle

Anyone with the desire to draw should be able to have a blast in this magical world of two dimensions.

Whether you’re ready to doodle away, or a complete novice with both cold feet and high expectations, you’ll be able to find something fun and reasonably doable here. Bring a pen!


Are you into sewing, crocheting, knitting, or all of the above? This is where the better patterns gather.

I love putting together fun compilations, featuring talented designers and makers from all over the web. Seriously obsessing over the quality and useability of the patterns, so that you don’t have to! Find your next project.


Keeping a journal is an epic way to preserve memories. But also to keep tabs on your feelings, or set emotions free in a rant no one needs to know about. That’s to name just a mere few of its benefits.

What to write about, how to start a journal, and the different types of journaling – for all that & more, head this way. Going.


Printables live here, in various shapes and sizes. Bold in color, or rocking simplicity in black and white.

With different purposes, being decorative, useful, or both, the aim is to bring you designs that are handy, helpful, and inspire joy. Take a peek at everything printable.

Printable Christmas Ornaments in Red, Blue, Green & Gold – Free.

Printable Christmas Ornaments in Red, Blue, Green & Gold – Free.

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Jelly Jar Labels in White, Black & Pink

Jelly Jar Labels in White, Black & Pink

Jelly jar labels that are free and printable, for your mason jars and other handmade goods…

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Jam Labels, French Country/Farm Style (Free Printable) in 5 Colors

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Jelly Jar Labels or just plain Round Labels, Free.

Jelly Jar Labels or just plain Round Labels, Free.

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