Christmas Coloring Pages Printables: Gingerbread Man

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Scroll down for all four of these Christmas coloring pages printables and find them interwoven with a relevant fact about the gingerbread man, a random fact and a rare word.

  • The relevant fact is about the origin of gingerbread men.
  • The random fact has nothing to do with Christmas coloring pages printables – is just there for fun, because of my personal fascination with totally random details.
  • Rare words deserve a place in the spotlight every now and them, because there are so much more words in the dictionary than we use in our day-to-day chatter and because it’s good to keep our brain alive!

Please think of the environment – only print the christmas coloring pages printables you need and use recycled paper! 🙂


4 Free Christmas Coloring Pages Printables


Relevant Fact about Gingerbread Christmas Coloring Pages Printables


What is the origin of the gingerbread man?

For a very early form of gingerbread, we go all the way back to ancient Greece and Egypt.

Then, somewhere in the 11th century, crusaders brought spices from the East back to Europe. At first, exotic spices were reserved for the riches who could afford them. Later on, while becoming more common, spices dropped in price became available to everyone. Before the 16th century, people were already making gingerbread in beautiful molds, to create figures as kings, queens and religious images. These cookies would be decorated with white icing, or, for the wealthy, gold food paint.

Apparently Queen Elizabeth I would offer her visitors gingerbread figures looking like themselves.

The main herbs and spices in gingerbread are ginger (obviously), cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom and anise.



A Random Fact (Nothing to do with Christmas Coloring Pages Printables)

Since the answer to the relevant fact touched upon the British Monarchy, lets have a look at the wives of King Henry 8th.

He married Catherine of Aragon, Princess of Spain first. Henry insisted on a divorce, when he fell in love with Anne Boleyn. Catherine tried everything in her power to prevent it from happening, but Henry married Anne. They did not live happily ever after – Anne was beheaded and Henry got interested in Jane Seymour. She was the only wife to have given him a son, but died after giving birth. Anne of Cleves, a German princess was wife number four. They divorced after a few months. Then came Katherine Howard, wife number five. This marriage also ended in a beheading. Henry’s sixth wife, Katherine Parr, outlived the King.

One thing’s for sure: Sounds like Catherine was a popular name back then, and Anne was a good second.



A Rare Word




\ OH-guhl \  , verb;
1. To look at amorously, flirtatiously, or impertinently.
2. To eye; look or stare at.


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