Easy Drawings of Hearts

easy drawings of hearts

Hearts are one the absolute best things to draw. By yourself and fully concentrated, or doodling away and making easy drawings of hearts, bubbles, flowers, and whatever comes to mind while in a conversation. Drawing alone, or together with others.

A simple heart and its endless variations are a great drawing subject to explore with kids, too! From the little ones to adults, and up to seniors – everyone loves hearts. 

While we should never let the calendar dictate what we can and can’t draw, Valentine’s Day is, of course, a great excuse to zone in on this classic shape!

Here are some of my favorite heart-drawing ideas. Scroll on for ideas and inspiration!

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Sparkle Heart Drawing

One stupendously easy way to spruce up a basic heart outline drawing is by adding outward lines around it in a circle. Now, it’s a sparkle-heart!

heart drawing 012

And if that’s too easy for you, don’t worry, there are some more intricate ideas coming up…

Basic Heart Shape Variations

I’m always shocked at how much variation there can be in the shape of a heart.

Does the point at the bottom of the heart look plump, or pointed and rather sharp? At the top of the heart, are the curves symmetrical, or not?

How far inward does the crease go?

heart drawing 029

With a few small changes, you’re looking at a completely different heart!

Playing around with those variations alone is a whole lot of fun – not counting all the other directions you can take a heart in.

Heart-Shaped Balloon

Drawing a heart-shaped balloon is easy-peasy. Just add a tiny triangle and a piece of string. Up, up & away it floats!

heart drawing 013

This is a great shape to start with if you want to practice shading with pencil or colored pencils. How fun would it be to draw a large bunch of heart-shaped balloons in different colors?

Heart Diamond

There are many ways to shape a diamond! The classic heart cut is one of those and one that fits perfectly in this compilation of heart drawings.

heart drawing 015

Heart with Crown

A heart drawing with a crown has a certain flair, whether it reminds you of fairy tales and Alice in Wonderland, tattooed imagery, or perhaps playing cards.

heart drawing 014

Because the upper part of the heart is “in” the crown, you’ll want to start by drawing the front of the crown. Then, fit a nice-looking heart right into it, and lastly finish up with the rear part of the crown, wherever it remains visible.

Heart & Bow

Check out this lovely heart, wrapped neatly with a ribbon and adorned with a bow. Just like the crown earlier, the bow takes priority and the heart drawing is added second.

heart drawing 007

Dotted Heart Drawing

Some things that are cute on their own look even better with polka dots! To create tension and make the little doodle look more interesting, be sure to add a few dots that appear to run over the heart’s outer edges.

heart drawing 011

Heart with Sprinkles

If you have a sweet tooth, it’ll be hard not to lick the paper… because this heart drawing has been drizzled with glaze and topped off with sprinkles!

heart drawing 008

If you’re not into frosting or icing you could make one topped with ice cream instead!

We Heart the Beach

For the many, many fans of sea, sand, and beachy vibes, here’s a fun idea. After nailing that perfect heart shape, fill it with a curved line to make a wave. Add splashes, foam, and maybe a few more details.

heart drawing 010

Ladybug Heart

Another example of two cute things that are even better together: hearts and ladybugs.

heart drawing 006

Panda Bear Holds a Heart

Ah, busted! Whenever tasked with making creative heart drawings, I will start involving animals sooner or later. 

heart drawing 009

Cartoon Heart Drawing

Drawing Kawaii cartoon style can be seriously addictive. Once you get the hang of these cute little faces you can add them to literally everything. Including hearts.

heart drawing 001

Trying varying the facial expressions, even if those big eyes are a signature aspect of Kawaii drawings.

heart drawing 020

3D Drawing of a Heart

See here how with a small tweak you can turn all and any heart shape into a 3D version of itself?

heart drawing 005

The principle is simple. Draw lines downward from the farthest visible points, as well as any angular parts. Make those lines the same length. Then, project the heart near the end of those lines and fill in the blanks. 

Heart Grows Something

Love makes little things grow!

heart drawing 004

It looks like this heart contained a seed and the right circumstances for it to sprout. Whether it’s a big crack, or a small one…

heart drawing 003

…or no visible crack at all.

heart drawing 002

Heart-Shaped Rock

Sometimes, you’re between a rock and a heart place. (That was just too easy.)

heart drawing 018

Rainbow Heart Drawing

heart drawing 017

Heart in the Clouds

heart drawing 024
heart drawing 023

Drawing a Stack of Hearts

heart drawing 025

Heart Kite

heart drawing 027

Birthday Cake Heart Drawing

heart drawing 026

Big-Hearted Kitty

There’s just enough cat sticking out from behind the side of this heart for our feline friend not to go unnoticed.

heart drawing 028

Interwoven Hearts Border

This border of interwoven hearts looks more intricate than it is. It’s a simple doodle of a heart on repeat. To ensure an even distance between each one, I recommend starting by drawing a set of points and using those as a reference for each heart. When everything looks good, add a fun border to the surrounding area. 

heart drawing 021

Hearts & Teddy Bears

There are lots of ways to combine a heart and a teddy bear. Here are two: one has the heart as a patch on its body, and the other holds a big heart with its soft, fuzzy paws.

heart drawing 016
heart drawing 022

Real Human Heart Drawing

We can’t wrap up this list of easy drawings of hearts without adding a realistic heart – isn’t our real heart the inspiration behind all the others, after all? 


Celtic Heart

The amazingly intricate Celtic knotwork inspires this heart drawing. It contains exactly one knot. Don’t laugh, please. That’s tricky enough! I’ve added a quick step-by-step guide with a sure way to get it right. These knots are sneaky lil’ buggers – you think you’ll wing it but put one small line in the wrong place and it’s all messed up.

More Easy Drawings of Hearts

After all that, I’m thinking of a few more!

For example, a broken heart, or a classic flaming heart. A sacred heart. Or, to be slightly less dramatic, a cute candy heart drawing – or five. You know, those sweets with the words on them.

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