15+ Fall Doodles: Vibrant Pops Of Color & Cozy Vibes Galore


These autumn or fall doodles are bursting with orange hues, warm browns, burnt sienna, and vermilion.

Just as in real life on a fall day, the occasional lingering pop of green is there to remind us that summer is not too far behind us. But over and done it is!

Leaving us no choice but to turn to hot beverages and stuff our faces with pumpkin as a substitute for basking in the heat of the sun.

Those classic spiced treats have a raving fan base, of which I am most definitely a part.

Are you?

These fall doodles do not require a pumpkin spice latte and a slice of pie to be on the table next to your drawing supplies.

But if you are into that sort of thing… Who knows? Their presence may just have a positive influence on your overall creativity.

Apples in a Basket

With a bit of luck, you can still be in summer attire when apple picking. It is, however, a definite beginning of the fall season.


Rolling Hills in Fall Colors

Here’s a small see-through doodle of woodlands. Fall colors are popping up here and there. I made the outline, then colored it in with illustration markers from 5 below. Rather sloppily, I might add.

With a fine liner, added some detail to convey the idea of a forest on those rolling hills. Added a border with a dry-ish Sharpie marker and voila!

With these kinds of quick fall doodles, the trick is to go for it. Don’t overthink it.

The result does not need to be on par with a Monet painting.

Fun is more than good enough! Heck, even if the end result stinks, having had fun in the process is already a mission accomplished.


I had fun.


Sunflowers are not only fun to doodle. In real life, wouldn’t you agree that they are as stunning as they are humble? They don’t ask for much and will grow, against all odds.

Ah, but if they do get that space and TLC to thrive… That’s when they turn into beautiful giants.

fall doodles sunflowers

Sunflowers are dashing in the fall, perhaps in contrast – even though they bloom all summer long. If you feel like more florals than found among these fall doodles, check out:

Pumpkin Pie

My favorite pumpkin pie recipe is this one on the recipe blog Sally’s Baking Addiction.

However, I make it with much less sugar. And a totally different crust. And who’s got time for those sugared cranberries?! Even though they are the prettiest (edible) thing I’ve seen all year. Guess with all those changes it has become a different recipe altogether…

Drawing pumpkin pie certainly is much easier than making one.



Basic acorns are easy to doodle. With a little point on one end, a textured hoodie on the other, and shades of brown, the result is unmistakable an acorn.



Because sweater weather is here. I could do a list of doodles with just sweaters… So many patterns and styles to explore! Go with cables or give it your own twist.



Pumpkins are such a delight to doodle. They come in all sorts of funny shapes, so on paper, they can too… This means the quirky ones aren’t wrong – they’re just quirky.

How do you like my sloppy shading?


Line Art Pumpkin

Having way too much fun with those illustration markers. Time for a back-to-basics pumpkin doodle. Because good old line art is still awesome.



For a Jack-o-lantern doodle, it’s hard to beat the effect of markers, though. Doesn’t it look like that glow really comes from the inside?


It’s Umbrella Weather!

Somehow I always end up drawing polka dots on an umbrella. May have to work on that. But really – there are bigger issues and it looks cute.


Pine Cones

Pine cones are slightly intimidating to draw, because of their near-perfect construction. But a doodle is exactly that: an imperfect drawing.


Scarf & Mittens

Here’s a quick doodle of a matching scarf and mittens.

You can add a touch of a 2B pencil for some shading.


You might also like: Nostalgic of those summer vibes? If you aren’t quite ready for the grizzly weather fall brings, check out: 27 Cute Beginner Drawing Ideas For Free Spirits. The list features lots of sunny vibes, sea, surf, and sand!

Pumpkin Spice Latte

There it is! The highly anticipated fall drop… Pumpkin spice lattes. If only they weren’t so sugary.

This doodle is sugar-free. 😉


Garden Rake

This rake doodle looks a bit boring on its own but you may need it for the next one…


Fall Leaves

Time to tidy up and rake all these fall doodles into a pile!

Just because it seems every art supply from the box is making an appearance today, these little fall leaf doodles have some colored pencil shading added on. The illustration marker didn’t have the effect I hoped for.

My rock star watercolor pencils are Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer. Smooth as butter, they have no trouble gliding over the pen and marker and adding a vibrant layer of their own.


And that concludes this compilation of fall-themed doodles. Time to make your own!

Last but not least, here are some nice images you can use on Pinterest.

Pinterest-Worthy Images

Every individual image from this page works just fine, but maybe the combinations below will look even better on one of your boards!

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