Summer Doodles: 27 Easy & Fun Drawing Ideas

summer doodles easy drawing ideas

Summer is here, and what better way to celebrate than with some colorful and playful drawings? Whether you’re an artist looking for inspiration or a doodle art enthusiast, these summer doodles are sure to put a smile on your face.

From classic beach icons to yummy treats, these simple illustrations capture the carefree spirit and relaxed vibes of the season. Will you join me for some summer fun and let these fun drawings transport you to a world of sun, sand, and smiles?

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Summer Doodles

Initially, I like to focus on the shape and let simple lines come together to create an object or scene. Bright colors are optional – but they sure can help give these easy line art drawings some additional summer flair!

For all drawings on this page, I used a Sakura Pigma Micron 0.3mm black fine liner, though you’ll quickly notice how these awesome little pens are best bought in packs of three or six.


Watermelon is a summer staple, whether you like it or not. But even if the flavor doesn’t do it for you personally, the colors sure pop like few others.


Beach Umbrella

If freehanding the shape of this beach umbrella seems daunting, there is no shame in drawing a few circles with a pencil to help with its overall shape and curve.


Ice Pop or Popsicle

Even as a line drawing, there is something fun about the classic popsicle shape. Add in some bright and scrumptious colors – forget it.



Here is a little drawing of a summer meadow, right after the rain.



On a real sandcastle, I’ve never been able to get those edges to look like they do in this drawing. That’s where pen and paper trump sand and water.



A beautiful, rounded, scalloped seashell. Drawing the lines is like a mini-zen-doodle exercise.



It’s a summer sunset because you say so when in reality it could be any season.



Okay, how about this super simple barbeque doodle? I’m aware this puts me at odds with a good portion of the rest of the world but I’m not a huge fan of barbeque. Between the raw chunks that go on it, their origin, and the fact that it always seems to take longer and cause more of a mess than dinner in a pan, it’s not my thing.

But it comes up when you brainstorm summer doodles, so here. An (empty) barbeque. 😉


Beach ball

Now that’s a classic!

Tricky to get the circles to be perfectly round.


Beach Chair

Ah, a foldable beach chair… More retro than actually comfortable to sit on but so cute to look at, right?


Cold Beer

Cheers to a glass of cold beer.


Flower & Bees

The flower here could be Echinacea Purpurea and the bees have just enough personality to make an impression.



How many different ways can you color this bikini?



We have s’mores somewhere further down the page, and of course, first there needs to be a bonfire.


Cotton Candy

I’m starting to realize how many sweet treats I’ve added to this compilation of summer doodle ideas, it seems we need some more healthy snacks, too. Oh well.


Ice Cream Cone

But first, a little ice cream cone drawing with crunchy toppings and a big drip.



Despite the absence of a face (like the ones earlier) this bee is really cute! He loves the wildflowers – poppies, daisies, and maybe some forget-me-nots.


Little Crab

What do you think of this shy little crab?


Tropical Island

I’m not sure whether a tropical island really belongs with these summer doodle art ideas. Summer is a season, and the tropics are kind of something else. On the other hand, it’s always summer in the tropics, so there’s definitely some overlap.


Bathing Suit

To properly enjoy the summer, you need more than one bathing suit, and here’s a one-piece swimsuit. Sporty!



Butterflies are fun to draw since you can either go realistic or fill up the wings with some fantasy swirls and shapes.


Summer Sun

The sun often gets pictured with an outline. Nothing wrong with that, but give this one a try. It feels more real because the human eye does not actually see the sun with a demarcation.



All these food-related summer doodles seem to look better in color, don’t they? It’s a simple s’more drawing alright – but with a splash of light and dark brown this little drawing drives the point home.


Slippers a.k.a. Flip Flops

If you’ve ever lived in Hawaii, you know the only right way to refer to this kind of footwear is slippahs! Duh.

‘Flip flops’ is what my mother-in-law calls them, and then there was this movie with Natalie Portman where she talks about getting herself some ‘half shoes’.

Don’t worry about what they’re called, just draw some.



Sail away on this lovely boat…



Last but not least when grading on cuteness is this little seahorse drawing.

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