10 Whimsical Drawing Ideas

whimsical drawing ideas & inspiration

How about some whimsical drawing ideas to get those creative juices flowing and inspiration going?

Check them out below!

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Simple Kite Drawing

What’s more dreamy, light-hearted, and poetic to the eye than a kite high up in the sky?

Against a backdrop of infinite blue, this kite swirls around without a care in the world. A few white Cumulus clouds float by, adding depth to the scene.


Ship in a Bottle

It doesn’t get any more whimsical than this ship in a bottle. The sails and banners are blowing in the wind, while technically, there isn’t any.

Also, no way any part of this ship has ever fit through the tiny opening – luckily none of such trivial details are relevant in the wonderful two-dimensional world of drawing.


Boats are a recurring theme in the various compilations of drawings and doodles on this website. Do check out:

and you may run into a few more boats floating around over there as well!

Snow Globe

Hit pause for a second and imagine living inside this lovely little wood cabin in an imaginary snow globe.

A simple sketch, but I was rather happy with how it turned out. And doesn’t it just beg to let loose the coloring pencils…?


Playful Kitty

If you’ve ever had a cat and a ball of wool in the same room, you know this is a real thing. It’s especially fun to create that messed-up flurry of thread in the middle. Go wild, don’t hold back…


Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a great whimsical drawing idea. It has about as many facets to its personality as a person. Here it is, from a flattering angle, during the late spring or summer season, in beautiful weather, and without any people obstructing the view.

The perspective can be really daunting. I looked at how the levels divide the tower into thirds and started by sketching each third separately.

One portion is doable without too much overwhelm, and once all are done, the end result just so happens to look like the Eiffel Tower.

My favorite part is when the structure is done and we’re ready to scribble away with markers to add that vegetation.


Bell Jar

This one is kind of random. Then again – aren’t they all?

A butterfly and another kind of insect under a vintage bell jar. A simple drawing that checks the boxes of vintage charm, and whimsical drawing ideas all while being relatively easy.

Not all vintage concepts are great – certain ones we’ve done away with for good reason. But no insects were harmed in the making of this drawing.


For your next doodle, try a bell jar like this one, and see which sprigs and bugs spring from your mind to populate it with…


That’s an unpronounceable Dutch word for their lineups of tall houses bordering the canals. They’re cute to draw, and super whimsical.


Dandelion Seeds

The very symbolic picture of dandelion seeds blowing in the wind is a classic for tattoos, probably because it is meaningful and delicate… and for other personal reasons that depend on the person in question.

Dandelion flowers are wonderful little flower doodles to experiment with – whether in their flowering form or those pouffy spheres bursting with seeds. The jagged leaves are interesting, too, let’s not forget about those.


Coral Reef

Coral is one of my favorite things to draw, especially when doodling for the specific purpose of mindfulness and stress relief. With their organic and endlessly versatile shapes, different kinds of coral are the perfect subject, allowing you to explore where your brain wants to go on autopilot.

If you want to do yourself a favor with a little zendoodle session, draw some coral!


The result will likely be whimsical and fun. Add fish and other underwater creatures to taste.

Feline World Domination

Okay, you may not need to be a cat person to fully get this but it helps. Cats are another prime subject I can never get enough of and this doodle sprung from the paper on a whim!


And that concludes the whimsical drawing ideas, I hope you had fun browsing these random little doodles and sketches and found some inspiration to start making your own!

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