Cute Doodles To Draw: Ideas, Inspiration & Tutorials


Doodling is a fun way to explore your creativity. However, we all have moments of no inspiration. Feeling a bit stuck for ideas, or simply in the mood to browse a variety of doodles? With these examples and tutorials of cute doodles to draw, let’s get those creative juices flowing lickety-split!

Animals are one of my favorite subjects to draw. Hopefully, we share this as a common interest, since you’ll notice a lot of animals strewn about on this website.

What else can you expect to find in this super-duper fun and cute compilation of cute doodles?

  • Everyday objects
  • Random items from days gone by (retro vibes never seem to lose their certain charm!)
  • Shapes
  • Florals
  • Tiny landscapes, seascapes, and streetscapes
  • Fantasy illustrations
  • Elements of nature
  • Seasonal doodles, and more.

So if you’re looking for some creative inspiration or just want to get in touch with your inner artist, this blog post is for you!


The simple art of doodling requires very little supplies. With just pencils and paper, you’re good to go. Or, if you want to explore some more high-tech options, like an iPad or a digital drawing tablet, there are some excellent drawing apps.

Cute Doodles To Draw

Just to be clear, drawing for the sake of drawing is an excellent purpose in and of itself, and more than a good enough reason to doodle away.

Other than simply for the joy it brings you, consider using these examples of cute doodles to draw in/on:

  • notebooks
  • journals
  • a diary
  • shopping lists
  • planners
  • schedules
  • calendars…

…and I’m sure you can come up with a few more uses!

Tiny Seascape

You can doodle an infinite number of scenes within the borders of a circle. Here’s a tiny seascape, complete with dunes, wavy grass, actual waves, birds, and a sailboat in the distance.

Copy this one if you need some inspiration, or come up with your own cute doodles to draw in a circle. (It’s a great drawing challenge.)


Ice Cream Cone

Four steps to a yummy ice cream cone doodle. While the example here is without, cones like these practically demand to be colored.


Toadstool Mushrooms

Ready to doodle some toadstool mushrooms? Start with the tops, like this. You can, of course, add a few more and make a composition that looks interesting.


Next, add some dots. Raised dots along the edges, just circles everywhere else. And the stems, which can be curvy or straight, with or without the indentation at the bottom.


That’s all for the ‘bones’ of your cute mushroom doodle. What’s left is the most fun part: details and shading. Not overthinking it is key, a few lines on both sides of the top, more lines right under the top, and some well-positioned sprigs of grass. Done!



So simple, this sailboat. It looks like a kids’ toy, and is super easy to draw; all straight lines, and a few curvy ones.


Two Dinosaurs

These two cuties could be a brontosaurus, apatosaurus, or diplodocus pair.


Rainbow & Stars

But of course, a rainbow and stars can coexist on paper. The two-dimensional realm has lots of possibilities that don’t have to be realistic or make any sense.


Puppy Dog

Isn’t this the cutest little spotted mutt with its floppy ears? You could add more detail, and shading, and play around with the locations of the spots.


Songbird in Balloons

Two sweet images combined into yet another completely unrealistic and quirky picture: a songbird that has decided to hang out in a bunch of balloons. Only on paper are those sharp little claws no issue.


Striped Kitty

The step-by-step mini tutorial for this striped cat doodle is right here:

How To Doodle A Cute Striped Cat (Step-By-Step)

We start with the ears and the head outline. Details are added on after shaping the body and stripes are totally optional.

cute doodles to draw kitty cat
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