Cute Easy Things To Draw


Is your inspiration short on cute easy things to draw today? Come and scroll along to check out these ideas.

A compilation of simple line-art doodles, to make with a pencil, marker, or any other medium of your choosing.

This is not a compilation of doodles found across the web. All of these little drawings were sketched by me and as usual, I’m slanting rather heavily toward animals.

Is there anything cuter than whales, pandas, bunnies, foxes, cats, unicorns, etc.? Hardly? Hey, we are in agreement! But there are lots of other doodles here, too. Such as florals, inanimate objects, and more.

Let’s dive in – pun totally intended (see below).

Cute Easy Animal Drawings

Starting off with some cute and fairly easy animal drawings. Creatures from all across the globe, both on land and underwater.

Blushing Whale

The whales in my sketchbook are typically happy fellas (or ladies) with a not-so-natural smile. Also, whales have no tear glands or eyelashes. Ah, the advantages of a fantasy world on paper!


Little Bunny

Bunnies are easy and forgiving animals to doodle. You can mess up pretty badly a.k.a. take some artistic freedom from their original anatomy – something with two long ears will almost always look like a bunny. A weird one, perhaps, but still a bunny.

The one below is sitting in a natural position and is quite simple to draw. Start with the head and ears, then add the body and smaller details.



Lions – the heroes of so many children’s books and the king of the animals. Thanks to some very distinctive features, a lion can be easy to draw in just a few lines.


Little Fox

The same goes for a fox (except for that “king of the animals” part). Simple lines, and the typical foxtail. However, what really drives it home in the case of a fox – even more so than the shape – is the color orange.

little fox

Panda Bear

Try drawing this little panda bear portrait. It’s easy and super cute with a tiny heart in the chest space!

panda bear face

Zen Cats

These cats are easy to draw and totally zen. Cats get more meditation hours in per day than I do in an entire year. But did you know drawing can be a form of meditation?

zen cats

Unicorn Portrait

If you don’t think drawing a unicorn is feasible, check this out. Of course, an anatomically correct horse is very intricate and requires some serious drawing skill, plus practice.

A cute lil’ unicorn face can be done the quick and easy way. It’s all about the horn and mane.

unicorn portrait

Florals & Nature

Wildflower Bouquet

wildflowers bouquet

Toadstool Mushrooms

toadstool mushrooms


forget me nots



Wildflower Wreath

wildflower wreath

Other Cute Easy Things To Draw


Nicely wrapped gifts are so much fun to draw. Using simple lines, you can experiment with lots of different shapes and bows. All the attention goes to the ribbons, bows, embellishments, and patterns when only using lines.

If you feel like taking this idea out of the black-and-white sphere have a go at it with color… That’s where things can get totally over the top.

Before you know it, you’ll be somewhere way beyond doodling cute little presents. You might just find yourself designing some spectacularly festive gift-wrapping paper and wondering how to upload your creations to Zazzle.




Rakes & Leaves

Let’s do some fall gardening with rakes and a flurry of leaves. On paper, it’s far less tiring than when you have to actually battle the fall weather and discipline those leaves!

Just a quick doodle here – there are a bunch more fall doodles in the seasonal section below.

garden rakes and leaves

Half Moon With A Pom-Pom Hat

Who doesn’t love the moon?

half moon

Seasonal Doodles to Draw

Another great way to get into those seasonal vibes is through your doodle art! If you’re in need of ideas, check these out.

Fall Doodles

Can you smell the musty scent of leaves piling up, interlaced with wafts of pumpkin spice? Head this way for a warm and cozy set of fall doodles.

fall doodles pin 3
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