10 Simple Flower Doodles: Easy To Draw, Lovely To See!

simple flower doodles

Do you find simple flowers doodles come easily when mindlessly drawing while on the phone or otherwise engaged in thoughts? Hey, same here.

Maybe you’re even about to find some familiar-looking florals on this page, that you’ve found yourself doodling before.

Or maybe you’d like some ideas… Well, in that case, I’ve got you covered with ten of the absolute most simple little flower doodles!

Simple Flower Doodles Can Be So Charming, Especially In Numbers.

The first super-easy tiny flower doodle has just four petals. That’s about the strict minimum to be considered a flower. It is delightfully simple. Those tiny stripes added from the center outward, that’s the only detail here.

When drawn in various sizes filling a surface, these humble floral doodles, without gimmicks of any kind, still manage to convey the idea of a springtime explosion slash flower bomb. Pure doodling bliss.


Okay, so… the next little doodle flower – as you’ll see below – has five petals. One more than our first example. It then has two center stripes instead of one. And lastly, the outer edges of the petals are somewhat crinkled instead of rounded.

Three slight changes that don’t make much of a difference on their own. Altogether, though, here you have an entirely new type or kind of flower.

Mallow comes to mind but it certainly isn’t the aim to be biologically and anatomically correct here. It’s just a doodle, not pretending to be anything more than that (certainly not a vintage illustration, for one!)


Next up are some dainty daisies. As long as the center is small but large enough to add a few dots, and you add enough petals around that center, it’ll look like a daisy!

These have at least eight or nine petals – otherwise, it doesn’t have that ‘crowded’ look and will look like a different kind of flower. (Which is, of course, also lovely!)


Below are even more daisies. Could also be a similar-looking flower. To add variety and make the mix of flower doodles easy but not boring, it’s fun to play with various lengths and shapes for the petals.

These petals are somewhat thinner and you’ll count more of them… which looks just a tad different.


Next up: a super simple rose!

Alternatively, you might also enjoy this step-by-step tutorial to draw a more intricate rose.


Switching up the elongated petals even more here, with these little flower doodles. If you alternate between a long petal and an even longer one, you’ll get something like these rather interesting lil’ florals. Not hard to do, and the result is pretty!


Not all flowers are made up of petals around a center space – obviously! Lily of the valley is a lovely one and not all that hard to draw.

Starting with the smallest bud at the top of the stem is practically a must since that makes it easy to add the others, each falling behind the previous one. The stem is added last so as to not get in the way of the buds and flowers. A leaf is optional.


Does anyone out there love lilac flowers as much as I do? Another great example of how simple flower doodles can come together to form something beautiful as a whole.

The idea is sort of the same as with the lily of the valley in that they consist of many little flowers. Which means some are in the forefront and others in the background.

Here, I think it looks nice and realistic to start with some of the larger tiny florals and be sure to spread out evenly from there. Then, fill the background with same-size florals tucked neatly behind the front row ones. A hint of a stem is really all that’s needed, as most of the side arms fall behind the flower curtain.

You can, of course, make this lilac flower much bigger! The one below is clearly a first-year growth, haha. Going big doesn’t take more than patience – the patience to doodle that same simple flower over and over again.


Are they tulips? Are they anemones? Who knows. They’re fun to draw, that’s what they are!

How about playing around with various numbers of pistils, or various lengths?


After all that, we haven’t actually done some very basic simple flower doodles: the ones with a heart and five petals neatly gathered around that center. Easy, even if sometimes certain petals look larger than the rest, or smaller, for lack of space.


Last but not least: my favorite tiny flowers! These make the sweetest addition to any two-dimensional arrangement of flower doodles. They also stand perfectly on their own. Change up the sizes, and doodle away.

Worry-free drawing is the kind of thing that makes flower doodles easy and relaxing. However, even the most laid-back kind of drawing (because that’s what doodling is) requires a minimum of precision here or there.

I can get obsessive about getting the three little dots right, so sometimes I draw all the bodies and stems first, in a nice & chilled-out kind of way. In the end, I’ll then give all of my simple flower doodles their three dots, which requires just a smidge more attention.

Not quite done drawing?

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Last but not least: with the image below, these simple flower doodles will look even better on one of your Pinterest boards.

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