Easy Mushroom Drawing Ideas

easy mushroom drawing ideas

Paper, a pen, and a little inspiration are all it takes to make mushroom drawing easy peasy fungi squeezy!

Don’t do that – you’ll get spores, not juice. Just stick to drawing. And if inspiration is what you’d like to squeeze out of that mushroom, here are a few ideas. Different shapes, sizes, hoods, stems, and angles.

Perspective. Are we looking up into the hood or down on it? A little or a lot? Is the stem straight, tilted, or curvy? Which parts are smooth and which have texture? Bumps. Spots. Speckles. Rings. So many options.

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Who knew mushroom drawing could be so fun? Oh wait, you did. This is why you started looking at this page!

Not quite sure how or where to start? Check out how to draw a mushroom for some step-by-step examples. You can follow along with the tutorials, and explore the details that define a mushroom.

1. Cute Doodle Of Three Mushrooms

Here’s a drawing, or more like a doodle, of three flat-top mushrooms.

doodle of three mushrooms

2. Four Round Top Mushrooms

Some very different-looking mushrooms, with a round hood. Drawing in pen is easy if you’re not too obsessed with perfection. Some rounded shapes have a tilt, some hoods don’t close perfectly. But the shading can cover up some tiny mistakes.

four round top mushrooms drawing

3. How To Draw Simple Mushrooms

Cone-head mushrooms are fun to draw! Make the cone ridiculously tall and pointed, and you have a new mushroom drawing with its own distinct look.

Less is more when it comes to the accent lines. And irregularity is crucial. Without that natural irregular vibe they’d look like a robot decorated them.

simple mushroom drawing

4. Large Mushroom Drawing

The bigger size of this mushroom drawing easily gets upped one by the frog perspective. Would you be able to hide under there when the rain comes? Better start drawing!

large mushroom drawing

5. Little Mushroom Family

This little mushroom family is so cute. They would be even cuter with a few more kids in tow.

how to draw small mushrooms

6. Small Mushrooms Drawing

Bunches of tiny mushrooms are cool. Start with the hoods. Disperse them in an interesting arrangement… then, add stems. I don’t remember for sure but would swear I’d see these in the woods as a child.

bunch of mushrooms drawing

7. The Most Fabulous One

This is my rock star mushroom drawing. The solid black gives it such spunk and depth.

Bring in a Sharpie for that heavy lifting, though. Pens like the Sakura Micron and Staedtler ones aren’t meant to fill in larger surfaces.

mushroom drawings

8. Easy Mushroom Line Drawing

Even without a Sharpie on hand, you can draw cute and easy mushrooms like this line drawing. The squiggly double line on the hood and the dots in various thicknesses make this doodle look rather interesting.

Not bad for an otherwise plain-looking mushroom, right?

mushroom line drawing

9. Fantasy Mushroom

And here… I went completely rogue. This mushroom drawing does not belong in biology books but it might do rather well in an Avatar (the movie) kind of landscape.

But first, get out the coloring pencils and go bonkers. Psychedelic-kind.

tall fantasy mushroom drawing

10. Prettiest Mushroom Drawing

Last but not least, this dainty mushroom drawing is perhaps my favorite.

The shape of the hood is just right, with the perfect amount of flatness and that nub near the top. Between the edges, the speckles on the stem, and that little collar… isn’t she lovely?

cute mushroom drawing

So there.

I hope you’ll find mushroom drawing easy and are feeling inspired to create some of your own! Mushrooms really are quite magical – even the non-psychedelic ones – and marvelous, intricate pieces of nature.

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mushroom drawing ideas
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