20+ Easy Doodles To Draw When Bored; The Circle Challenge!


So you’re wondering what you can doodle when you’re bored. Let me pop right in with a question: How many different things can you draw, starting from a circle? You have to start somewhere, and this is an awesome way to tackle some easy doodles to draw when bored.

Starting with a circle? What does that even mean? Well, if you stick around for a minute or two, I’ll show you!

Random doodles, with one thing in common…

These example doodles are very random. There are a few animals, some inanimate objects, elements of nature, food, and symbols. But they have one thing in common. Each of these little drawings started out as a simple circle.

What object or creature would you turn a circle into? What does it remind you of? There are no “bad” ideas. Whatever it is your mind associates the round shape with, try to doodle it.


Some of the examples below are easier than others. Start with the egg or the ladybug, if an astronaut kitty seems daunting.

This isn’t about making the perfect doodle. It’s a creative challenge, something fun to explore when you’re running low on inspiration. And before you know it, you’ll be doodling animals in space!

An assignment like this one also works really well if you’re in a bit of a creative slump. There’s just something about the rigidity of a set shape, the limitations of the game, that helps the mind branch out into quirky ideas.

What if you can’t draw the perfect circle?

First off, there are enough round objects to trace in most homes. Simply use a tool to draw the circles – like a jar or cap. Trace a bunch, and then go at those “manually”.

Secondly, it doesn’t have to be a flawless circle.

You could use this as an opportunity to practice drawing circles over and over until they’re reasonably round. But they don’t have to be perfect. In fact, if they are totally and utterly hideous to start, that’s absolutely fine. This is between you and the paper – the world need not know.

Practice circle until you get a few decent ones, and then transform those into other things. Or go with the crooked lines of those imperfect circles (ovals, eggs, rotten eggplants…) and turn those shapes into other doodles.

The strange shapes may even inspire you to make doodles that otherwise wouldn’t have come to mind!

Starting out, my circles were all close together – as seen in the featured image above. However, leaving more room around each circle can be useful to draw doodles that need such space.

Like these bubbles, for example.


Bubbles are real easy doodles to draw when bored or when your mind wanders.

bubbles doodle


Here’s a beautiful yin-yang symbol.

yin yang doodle

Tree Trunk

The rings of a tree trunk are never perfectly concentric. Their size depends on environmental factors, such as drought. Some years, the tree grew a lot, other years much less.


Wagon Wheel

You don’t have to invent the wheel here. Just doodle one.



This doodle is super simple. However, it would benefit from a splash of color to take on its full identity. If you make the yolk a brilliant warm yellow or light orange, there won’t be any doubt as to what this is.


Sleeping Dog

With minimal lines, turn a circle into a sleeping pooch. Isn’t he a mush?

I can never get enough of drawing animals. That’s why this collection of cute doodles to draw is bursting with animals.


Another Sleeping Dog

Did the dog turn his head to the side, or is this another dog with a completely different personality?



Whenever I draw or doodle away, it seems foxes have to make an appearance… (Look for the fox in Cute Easy Things To Draw.) This one here, of course, would also benefit from a splash of orange color.

And if you rather work in shades of grey, it could be a wolf, too.


Rotary Dial Telephone

Ever so photogenic, an old-fashioned rotary dial telephone.



The planet Saturn is very popular in our home. It was featured on “little Einsteins” and gets projected on the kids’ bedroom wall every night.


Planet Earth

You don’t have to be a cartographer to scribble a few semi-recognizable continents inside a circle.

The ones below are not all that great, but just you wait until the water turns blue and the land various shades of green and brown. She’ll look stunning. (Mother Earth, that is.)



Ouroboros, the snake that eats its own tail, is a symbol of wholeness and infinity.


Moon & Stars

When the moon is no more than a sickle, there’s just enough space to add a few stars.


Swirl Lollipop

This one’s a no-brainer, right? With a little stick and a swirl, you have an easy doodle of a lollipop. Or make a whole bunch, with and without swirls, in various fruity colors. I’m salivating at the idea.



Another simple doodle where color makes all the difference.



Did you know that a North-American ladybug is called a ladybird across the Atlantic?

Back in the 1600s, a tiny beauty like this one was called a ladycow. Good thing we dropped that designation, don’t you think?


Fish Bowl

Fill the circle up with water and a little fish. Fish should always live in rectangular aquariums, by the way, but on paper, this is totally fine.


Human Eye

Drawing a human eye is not very hard as long as you get a few things right. The eyelashes follow a certain curve and it will look best if you follow said curve.

Unless you’re Picasso. Then, anything goes. And if realism isn’t your goal, as discussed in How to Get Better at Drawing: 7 Realistic Tips, That Don’t Ruin The Fun!



Coins have been around for a very long time, which gives us an array of eras and civilizations to take inspiration from.


Camera Lens

This circle wanted to be a camera lens. For the full effect, the rest of the camera showed up to the party as well.


Astronaut Cat

Astronaut cat is my favorite one of the bunch. The suit works for any creature – Which animal would you dress up for a mission in space?


These are the doodles I came up with in one sitting. More may be added later on. Space kitty might enjoy some friends/coworkers up there. Can you picture a series of animal doodles in space suits?

It just occurred to me that one concept has been grossly neglected: flowers!

Sure, there are some wildly differently shaped flowers out there. But if there’s one thing that relatively often starts with a circle, it is a flower doodle – as do most of these: 10 Simple Flower Doodles: Easy To Draw, Lovely To See.

Easy Doodles To Draw When Bored – Your Turn!

Now grab a pen or pencil and a piece of paper. Let’s see how many things you can doodle that start with a circle. Or a triangle, a rectangle, or a line.

More in the mood for a step-by-step tutorial to draw along with? Check out this Easy Bear Drawing or How To Doodle A Striped Cat.

And if you’d rather keep browsing, that’s awesome, too.

(Not bored anymore, then, huh?)

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