7 Winter Coloring Pages Full Of Magic & Wonder


When winter is upon us, it’s time to break out the… coloring supplies. And here you thought I was going to say hot cocoa, fluffy knee-high socks, or firewood? Sure, that, too.

Next, download these winter wonderland coloring pages, which I hope will add a little winter magic to your day!

Winter Coloring Pages: What, Why & For Who

Most coloring pages can be used by all ages. These are slightly more intricate, which means the winter forest and cozy indoor scenes are perfect for adults and older kids to enjoy. But including the youngest ones is always nice; even if they just scribble all over theirs.

Children often naturally enjoy coloring, because – let’s face it – kids are typically down for any activity, especially so when it means doing something together with you.

Coloring can help children focus and calm down. It is also a great activity to get your kids moving since after they’re done coloring, they’ll be all too ready to run around. If the weather allows, that might mean it’s time for some fun outside!

And just like that, in the span of a few hours, you’ll have nurtured their creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills, as well as their need for physical exertion and fresh air.

As a grown-up, if you haven’t colored in a while, it may take a little getting into. Guess what though – coloring is one way to escape the stress of everyday life, a.k.a. ‘adulting’. So give it a try, even if it’s just for ten or twenty minutes. (And put the phone on silent!)

These winter coloring pages are designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11 paper in black and white. The files are in PDF format and can easily be opened and printed on most computers.

They are for personal use only, which means you can color away at the kitchen table with family members. Please be so considerate as to inquire for any other use involving larger numbers of prints (for example in schools/churches).

Winter Coloring Pages Series

The first coloring pages in this winter-themed series pictures a fawn enjoying some snowfall. This could be near the end of winter when snowdrops and crocuses start blooming. Or not – I claim artistic freedom on the flower component.


Is that a beautifully decorated tree in the middle of the woods, or is it merely ice and snow glistening in the moonlight? That’s to be determined by the colors you choose for this scene.


Snuggling up under a large branch, these two does, or fawns, contemplate even more snow falling.

(I really need to read up on who gets antlers, and when, and in what size. Truth be told, I’ll probably just end up drawing some more and let you figure that part out if you feel compelled to.)


The combo of a big one and a little one – it never fails to endear, right?

At least as far as the animal kingdom goes. In the case of humans, we can probably all agree there are times when it depends on people’s manners and behavior.


These owls keep each other warm by snuggling up close together too because that’s what winter is all about.


For maximum effect, color this scene with an actual fireplace crackling in the room – a real one (wood & fire), a real fake one (no wood but real fire), or a fake one that plays on a screen.

When looking for a cool fireplace app to link to, I discovered that they make tv stands with integrated fireplace screens now.


The reindeer makes sure this gift is positioned to perfection, before whooshing away in a flurry of stars. Who will the lucky recipient be?

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