10 Cat Drawing Ideas

cat drawing ideas

What do we have here? Some cat drawing ideas range from super simple to slightly more fancy! (Although we cat lovers would probably argue that cats always look fancy, right?)

If you’re a fan of felines in all shapes and sizes, you’ve come to the right place. And if you want to draw some cats in various poses but have no clear picture of where to start, take a look below!

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The funny thing with drawing cats is that once you add pointy ears, whiskers, and a tail to any random shape, it’ll quickly look like (a caricature of) one.

Simple Happy Cat Portrait

This jolly cat face is the first of our cute cat drawing ideas. It’s quite simple, and a nice little art project to tackle with young artists a.k.a. kids.

The cat’s head is a somewhat flattened circle, to which we add some perky cat ears and a neck.

Don’t forget to try various facial expressions, as this is just one of many possibilities.

cat drawing ideas 01

Mr. Upright Cat Doodle

Here is a rather serious-looking feline in the upright position. Is he meditating on the color of the sky today, observing some whacky humans, or thinking about how to fit in that box at the end of the hallway?

cat drawing ideas 02

Too-Cool-For-His-Own-Good Cat Face

Do you see how simple a cat’s face can be, all while having lots of personality?

For this simple drawing, it does not matter what your skill level is. Even if it is non-existent, you make this fella appear on a piece of paper. Go ahead – you know you need him in your life, right?!

cat drawing ideas 03

To Sleep or Not To Sleep

One of my favorite cat drawings in this compilation, this one has its face tucked behind a back leg. It’s a classic pose that many a cat lover or servant will recognize.

cat drawing ideas 04

Cat in Hiding

The little rascal below is exploring the neighborhood and not sure whether she wants you to see her.

As you can tell from some of the other drawings, it is so much fun to explore how much (or rather, how little!) of a cat’s face and body you can get away with not showing.

In many cases, it’s a lot!

This sneaky, cheeky gal is unmistakably a cat even though we only see four paws, a tail, an eye, and an ear.

cat drawing ideas 05

Laid-Back Cat Drawing

While a cat’s eye is super fun to draw, they are often closed to a mere slit or stripe. Here’s another sleeping cat, with front legs sprawled out to make the most of the surface he’s claimed for his snooze.

cat drawing ideas 06

Kawaii Kitty Sits

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably come across the “kawaii” trend, whether on Temu or Target’s stationary aisle.

If you’d like to try your hand at some feline characters in the style of Japanese cuteness, try drawing something like this adorable kitten.

Of course, Kawaii drawings lend themselves well to being colored in! For a classic Kawaii look, stick with mostly pastel hues and only a touch of bright colors here or there.

cat drawing ideas 07

Kawaii Kitty Walks

What’s cuter than one Kawaii kitten? Two Kawaii kittens! 

cat drawing ideas 08

3 Very Different Felines

Oh, here’s a funny one. See those sketch lines?

Starting with three simple shapes – a circle, a triangle, and a square – I thought it would be mildly entertaining to try and turn those into cat faces.

These turned out to be three very unique cats, thanks to the odd starting shapes.

cat drawing ideas 09

Fancy Cat Pencil Drawing

The cute kitten below is all smiles and big eyes.

It’s not quite a cartoon cat, even though little Miss Cat’s eyes are definitely… what’s that called on food packaging again? Right: enlarged for detail! 

cat drawing ideas 10

That’s all for right now – but be sure to browse some of the other easy drawing ideas, and with a little practice you’ll be handling that pencil like a pro in no time.

For example, this cat drawing tutorial with step-by-step instructions or these whimsical drawing ideas

Now, let your imagination run wild to see what doodles and drawings you’ll come up with on your own!

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