Printable Cards + Scribbles = ♥ by Mail


Free printable cards to send out love. Scribble a few sweet words to someone special and make their day a tiny bit brighter. Free printable cards for all sorts of occasions, seasonal greetings or just random funky designs are added regularly.

The project started out as a free-printable-cards-thing, but I’ll be gradually adding the digital files (as is, not in a greeting card lay-out) for all these free designs. That way, you can use the print file with convenient cutting marks for snail mail, and the digital file to add to an email. Sometimes that might be more convenient. The real reason however, is that I’m always looking for ways to be more sustainable and save paper, and email obviously doesn’t need any paper at all.

Of course, even in these high-tech modern times, nothing replaces a ‘real’ card. One that carries a stamp from the sender’s location, one that has travelled through the mail and looks more or less tattered by the whole adventure. You can’t really compare the two… Snail mail carries a story, whereas email carries… fast! Each has their place and time.

The one thing I can’t help myself from mentioning here, is that for the printing of these free printable cards, there are more eco-friendly choices than regular paper. That’s where you can make a difference and help save the trees. (Why is it so important to look at recycled/alternative kinds of paper? Read more about that here.)


Printable Birthday Cards

Free Printable Birthday Card :: Let’s Wrap You in Bunting!

Free Printable Thank You Cards


Printable Halloween Cards – Gotta Love a Good Scare!

Printable Christmas Cards


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