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cheetah flower crown printable art

Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon this page while just browsing for free safari nursery printables, or nursery animal prints to download. On the other hand, maybe you ran a very specific search for a cheetah flower crown print!

I painted this one for my daughter and am sharing it with other cheetah fans out there.

The canvas texture of the original is visible. Nothing to do about that, so you’ll either love it or hate it. (Love, I hope.)

It’s totally hip, by the way – designers add textured effects like this to images that have none all the time. It gives a picture “extra character”. Perfectly smooth can be so dull.


Safari Nursery Art & Kids Room Decor

The ‘safari’ theme is a popular one for nurseries. This cheetah would definitely like to shine in a tiny baby’s room but she is just as open to becoming fast friends will older kids.

Kids tend to love animals, and the cheetah is up there with the coolest animals on the planet! While this statement is obviously a matter of opinion, they are certainly the fastest.

It’s no small feat to go from zero to sixty miles per hour in three seconds. You’re reading that right: 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds. According to National Geographic, that is faster than most cars.

Behind The Scenes / Resources Used

There isn’t much to share as far as digital resources go for this one.

The cheetah was painted with a mixture of Apple Barrel hobby paint and Crayola finger paint. If you’re a professional(ish) artist with proper acrylics, you’ve probably fallen off your chair laughing now.

I vaguely remember the delight of using grown-up supplies.

But first off, watercolors are more my thing and I never acquired a decent range of acrylics. Secondly, “real” paint isn’t safe for little ones (to ingest) so kiddie paint has become the norm. And thirdly, this cheetah was almost literally slapped onto the canvas during a few short baby naps. Whatever was lying around was good enough to make it happen.

Cheetah Flower Crown Printable


Cheetah Flower Crown


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Spec’s & Other Info

The cheetah flower crown printable file comes in PDF format. After you download and save it to your computer, it can be opened and printed with Adobe Reader.

The resolution is 300 dpi, in size 8×10.

You can print it in size 16×20 without significant loss of quality. However, a test print in the actual size is highly recommended before committing this larger size to a higher-priced canvas/aluminum/wood print.

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Prints are for personal use only.

Please note: Some printing places do not accept PDF files. JPG files may be available at a small surcharge. I’ve stopped putting them online because I got tired of the rampant stealing of images by shady websites. ✌️

One more mockup image, because framing is so much easier in the digital world than in the real one!


Featured image credit: Vase mockup psd created by –

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