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christmas coloring pages printables candy canes tree

More Christmas coloring pages printables with three different Christmas trees. What better way to let each one of the kids decorate a tree? Everyone can have their own, at least on paper. To play with, to experiment on, to toy with styles and colors.

Speaking of trees… as there are less and less, please print your Christmas coloring pages printables on recycled paper!

Christmas Coloring Pages Printables :: Candy Cane Christmas Tree


A Relevant Fact about Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree is one of richest symbols of all times. It can be traced back to so many different cultures and times, that it is hard to point at its origin exactly.

From Japan to Egypt and from the Roman Empire to the Celts, trees fulfilled a special role in celebrations of life and light. Since the beginning of times, one could say, as even the story of Adam and Eve revolves around a tree. During the last couple of thousand years, especially around the midwinter solstice, when the days are at their darkest, people have been acknowledging the powerfull symbolic meaning of trees. Even during the darkest part of the year, juices will start to flow again, life will come back and spring is near. Some plant one or two by their door for blessing, some honor a special tree by declaring it sacred, some believe certain trees can protect from evil.

The decoration of trees as we know it only started a few centuries ago. Initially, Christmas trees were adorned with nice looking candy, which was meant to be eaten. This evolved into using decorations and lights. Electricity then took the place of candles… and we have reached the modern times! Merry Christmas!


Christmas Coloring Pages Printables :: Ribbons Christmas Tree


A Random Fact

That’s right, it has nothing to do with Christmas trees, nor with Christmas coloring pages printables, but did you know that the German chemist Felix Hoffmann invented the aspirin in 1897?

He was trying to find something to relieve his father’s arthritis. But actually, Mr. Hoffmann did no more than re-discovering the properties of the substance.

In 400 B.C. Hippocrates already treated his patients with the bark and leaves of the willow tree. The willow contains a substance called salicylic acid, which is responsible for lowering fever and working as a pain killer.


Christmas Coloring Pages Printables :: Lights Christmas Tree


A Rare Word

[proh-troo-siv, pruh-]

1. Projecting or protuberant; thrusting forward, upward, or outward.
2. Obtrusive.
3. Archaic. pushing forward; having propulsive force.

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