Christmas Coloring Pages Printables :: Santa’s Northern Winter

Free Christmas coloring pages printables with Santa and a tree standing tall in the Northern winter. Up on the North Pole, where Santa lives, it is freezing cold. Animals dig deep under the ground and make a snug bed to spend months sleeping, until spring wakes them up. Ice crystals and shimmering sparkles all around!

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Christmas Coloring Pages Printables

Add color to Santa, on his travels around the world for Christmas, carrying a bag full of gifts.

christmas coloring pages printables


Or enjoy this Northern tree adorned with lights, sparkling in a sky filled with snowflakes. Two little squirrels – one in a deep sleep, one seems to be debating to go for a stroll in the snow!

christmas coloring pages printables, santa, tree, ice, christmas printables


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A few images from the Winter Fairytale series, showing sweet scenes with deer, snowflakes and forest animals.
These Christmas coloring pages printables are not only suitable for children. Even adults can enjoy a moment of quieting down the mind and adding color to the whimsical shapes & lines.

Christmas coloring pages printables, Christmas printables

Christmas coloring pages printables, Christmas printables

Christmas coloring pages printables, Christmas printables

The “Winter Fairytale” Christmas coloring pages printables can be found on Etsy.


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