Cruelty-free Makeup; Paint your face, without losing a piece of your soul.

cruelty-free makeup

Granted, that title sounds a bit dramatic. But when the goal is to get the message on cruelty-free makeup across, anything goes.

Losing a piece of your soul is just one way of wording it, in the attempt to shine a light on one of the more sinister (and quite well hidden) corners of our society. Please feel free to replace the expression with whatever resonates with you.

Maybe you believe in some kind of Karmic debt an individual (or humankind as a whole) accumulates when causing suffering. Maybe as a Christian, the value of kindness to all creatures, in line with Jesus’ life and teachings, is what you strive to live by.

Perhaps none of the above really means much to you, and as a general rule, you simply aim to do the right thing. Doing what’s right, good, or simply kind is (almost) always the best way ahead, right? Who knew that attitude could apply to your sunscreen, toothpaste, lipstick, and more…

Cruelty-free makeup & more

Cruelty against animals is not a happy subject. As such, it hardly is a topic anyone would want to take a closer look at. It’s uncomfortable at best. But apparently you’re still here, reading… and there are a few good reasons to talk about cruelty-free makeup.

cruelty-free makeup

No rookie to the sad and hidden world of cosmetic animal testing? Then perhaps you’ve long since adjusted your shopping habits and don’t need any convincing!

Otherwise, the soapbox session is on. So – what are those good reasons to give airtime to cosmetic animal testing?

1. Absolutely everyone uses personal care products.

It is a reasonable certainty every day you use at least a few different items from the large pool of cosmetics, household cleaners, soaps, suds, lotion and potions we have at our disposition.

Friends, family members, coworkers, random acquaintances, and all the strangers we merely share a sidewalk/train seat/grocery checkout line with… Everyone uses something. (If not, it usually isn’t by choice.)

2. Everyone needs to know this.

As mentioned in the intro, an easily digestible or cheerful subject it is not. But it’s important to talk about, look at (uncomfortably), and spread the word on. Everyone should be made aware of what is being done to animals in the name of vanity and corporate greed.

Maybe you haven’t realized until now that most of our personal care products involve the suffering of lab animals. It may never have crossed your mind. Understandable, since this ugly secret of the cosmetics industry doesn’t exactly happen in broad daylight.

It takes very little time to know more about cruelty-free makeup, skincare, etc. than those surrounding you.

Are you willing to become a voice for lab animals?

Talk about the brands that are cruelty-free and call out the ones that are not. To your friends, your mom, your neighbor or your thirteen-year-old niece who just bought her first makeup. You don’t even have to do any heavy lifting. Instead, simply tell them about handy apps that scan products for their cruelty-free status.

The more people become aware of these cruel industry secrets and profit-motivated protocols, the more chance they’ll become a thing of the past sooner rather than later!

3. It’s an immense market.

Lots of money involved. As a logical result of the fact that so many of us use at least some products to get clean and/or pretty, even though the stuff itself isn’t super high-ticket, this sheer number of consumers adds up to cosmetics being a huge market.

And the more money is involved, the more decisions are made by people with dollars signs in their eyes.

The issue is much broader than makeup alone. Bigger than the entire range of personal care products even, it stretches to include home and cleaning supplies. Laundry detergent. Diapers. And beyond those, we can start looking at ethical fashion. It is hard to find an end to these issues, as one inevitably leads to the next, and so on.

4. If not now, when?

Apparently, for the decision-makers of some companies, it is harder than for others to attach importance to the welfare of lab animals. I mean, someone is sitting in a board room somewhere making these calls, right? Some take a stance of compassion over profit, others… don’t.

It would sound less painfully human to talk about a brand name as being ‘responsible’ for cosmetic animal testing, instead of a person. But a brand or company does not make any decisions, the people in charge do.

And if they’re not compassionate or caring enough to realize that testing on animals is a cruel, outdated practice? Then we as consumers need to be so conscious as to show them. It’s such a cliche, but that’s what “voting with your wallet” boils down to.

So that’s what this plea is all about.

To convince as many people as possible to switch to kinder versions of their favorite products.

Cruelty-free makeup is an easy choice if you love animals too.

As a fellow animal lover, it’s a no-brainer.

There’s a whole range of things my family and I use daily to keep our “den” livable and our physical appearance within the norms of what is socially acceptable. The way I see it, that’s as many opportunities to cast a vote against animal testing. As mentioned earlier, this is much bigger than our makeup pouch.

As a woman, despite being a tomboy in certain departments, I always feel the lure of girly stuff and style-related accouterments. However, only if those shiny things are cruelty-free and ethically made!

It is beyond my comprehension how anyone would not be deeply bothered by their painted-on good looks reeking of the fear, pain, and suffering of another living being.

As an artist, I also have some interest in cosmetics, because makeup really is nothing other than body paint, isn’t it? When scrutinizing art supplies for not causing any harm or suffering to animals, it makes sense to do the same with what we use on the canvas that is our face.

In Conclusion: So many fabulous cruelty-free cosmetics, brands, products…!

Cruelty-free makeup is anything but drab, boring, limited or even unsafe. It’s actually quite wonderful. Amid the large pool of officially accredited or certified cruelty-free brands (and a few smaller indie brands with their heart in the right place; certifications aren’t everything), you’ll be able to find more than adequate replacements for the staples in your routine.

Cruelty-free cosmetics definitely aren’t a safety hazard, quite the contrary. For the same reasons cruelty-free baby products are typically safer than their conventional counterparts, makeup, skincare, or household cleaners are too.

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