Free Printable Halloween Coloring Pages

Fun free printable Halloween coloring pages, hand drawn. Bats, pumpkins, cats, witches and magic… just add your own crayons, colored pencils or markers. (And perhaps some hot chocolate on the side.)

Throughout this compilation of free printable Halloween coloring pages, you may run into some totally random facts. Strange things about the world around us, that have captured my interest at one moment or another. These random bits of knowledge don’t have a specific purpose, I just have a bit of a passion for odd details, and love passing them on!

Starting now. Be surprised… or scroll further down right away, for the free printable Halloween coloring pages.

Random Fact: Earth’s Atmosphere Layers

It has nothing to do with Halloween printables or coloring pages, but can you name all layers of the Earth’s atmosphere?

Starting from the surface of the Earth, we first have the Troposphere. Then the Stratosphere starts, after the Tropopause, at about 12 kilometers high, going on till about 51 kilometers. The Stratopause (around 50 kilometers high) separates the Stratospere from the Mesosphere, which stretches out to between 80 and 85 kilometers above Earth. You might have guessed… first we get a pause again – the Mesopause (at 80 kilometers high) this time. Followed by the Thermosphere and finally – after the Thermopause – the Exosphere begins at between 350 and 800 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.

So, Troposhere, Stratoshere, Mesosphere, Thermospere and Exosphere. There are a few ways to help the brain remember these terms, such as memorizing the first letters: TSMTE. Or making a word with the beginnings, like ‘TroStraMesThermex’. It’s quite tongue-twister!

Free Printable Halloween Coloring Pages

Download the swirly pumpkin in high resolution for free.

free printable halloween coloring pages 02

Download the bats playing around in an old spooky building for free.

free printable halloween coloring pages 01


Free Printable Halloween Coloring Pages:  How to Download

To access the high resolution digital files of these free printable Halloween coloring pages, click on the button under the image of the one(s) you want – the button saying “add to cart”.

You can add more stuff (from this page or other pages) and when you’re done, go to checkout.

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Please print on recylced paper as much as possible. 🙂

Have fun coloring!


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