25 Christmas Stocking Sewing Patterns for More & Less Experienced Makers

Christmas stocking sewing patterns

What makes the perfect DIY Christmas stocking? That will be different to each and every one of us. I’ve rounded up a bunch of Christmas stocking sewing patterns here. There’s definitely something to match both your taste and fluency with needle and thread.

Sewing or crafting experience varies and so does the amount of time you may have available to jump on the homemade train.

By the way, if you’ve never touched a sewing machine, a Christmas stocking is a perfect place to start. Not much fabric involved, simple shapes and small enough to not get overwhelmed. Plus, the store shelves are loaded with backups if need be. 😉

So what will it be? An intricate heirloom piece, a modern geometric or minimalist one, a classic stocking in red and white, or a whimsical felted design?

Come take a look…

Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Stocking Sewing Patterns

My Cakies

To kick things off, a giddy-looking elf stocking complete with the curvy toe. Pink optional – let you imagination run wild on this one and create your own version.

Tell, Love and Party (once)

Even without a sewing machine, you put together a pattern like this one… And have it look exquisitely festive, to boot! It would look equally cute in a dark tint with a light colored blanket stitch along the edges.

Tell, Love and Party (twice)

Sara from Tell Love & Party walks us through the making of the center stocking in this picture. It’s nice enough, though what I’m really crushing on are the fox and penguin ones. Inspiration!

My Poppet

A very thorough tutorial by My Poppet, a craft blog from down under. Sewing can be done either with a machine or by hand, other than that there’s some gluing involved.

To quote Cintia: “In Australia Christmas falls in Summer, but yet the stores are still full of wintery, snow-covered decorations that don’t reflect a modern Australian Christmas, or mine anyway.

So the compulsory snow for Christmas reaches as far as the Aussie store shelves in summer. That must be odd indeed and these stockings are a lovely way to play the tropical/summery Christmas card.

Good Housekeeping

Lengthy descriptions on how to make these stockings, but no pictures, which is a little icky if you’re a visual learner, or new to tackling crafty sewing projects. On the bright side, no machinery is required here. The decorative stitch along the edges keeping the halves together is a blanket stitch. It’s super easy and that’s all there is to this pattern.

The Polka Dot Chair

Lia Griffith

A few things stand out about this flannel Christmas stocking pattern. The pictures and directions to follow along are good. However, due to the type of stitching used, making this exact pattern requires a machine and perhaps also minor sewing experience. 

Lia Griffith, again

Another pattern and tutorial by Lia Griffith. Make these monogram stockings in white for a magical winter-wonderland look and feel. Or in any other color as the inspiration hits you… She made them for her daughter and boyfriend.

DIY Candy

This is a sewing project featuring some old flannel sweat pants. Amy uses her sewing machine and as with many things we like to use machines for it could, of course, be done by hand. It would just take a bit longer, but totally possible. One single stocking wouldn’t put me off but doing four or five by hand… Meh. Find the full tutorial on DIY Candy.

Lia Griffith once more

Lia Griffith one more time (this lady gets busy around the holidays!) with an adorable Christmas stocking pattern featuring white animals. As with all her stocking patterns, the exact shapes you need are available for download as a PDF file. 

His & Hers Blogspot

His & hers stockings from a blog by the same name, these lend themselves to other colors and fabric choices, as long as it’s supple enough to make the draperies on the cuffs.

Lia Griffith for pets

And Lia loves animals, too! Now I feel all warm and fuzzy about her. 😉 The pet Christmas stocking pattern is just as neatly presented as the other projects. Made with felt, and some sewing required. Obviously, your furry children may look quite different from hers. With a little creativity though, it looks as though the shapes can easily be adjusted and swapped for other colors.

The Long Thread

Not much of a tutorial here, but if you’re looking for something modern, this geometric pattern brings a different look to the table – or rather, mantle.

Fabric Worm

Another nice step-by-step sewing tutorial and stocking pattern, this one’s on an older website. The pictures are way too small to include here, but the process is laid out quite nicely and can be taken into any direction or style you see fit. The possibilities are endless depending on the fabric and print. Find it on Fabric Worm, including a free PDF pattern.

Interiors by Sarah Langtry

Well, there you have it! Sarah adapts the previous Christmas stocking pattern into this version made with neutral colors and a pompon trim.

Her tutorial is complete with lots of descriptions and pictures to guide you, though a sewing machine is almost a must if you’re making more than a single one. Well, one could always start by hand on a set of these for Christmas of next year, ha.

Life Sew Savory

In case none of the other stocking shapes and sizes meet your expectations, here’s yet another one that can be taken in a gazillion directions depending on your style preferences.

An Extraordinary Day

The one & only way to make a knitted stocking, without knitting so much as a stitch? Repurposing a cable sweater, of course. It’s a genius idea.

Happy at Home

Robin makes her home a happy place with these stockings (inspired by another pattern which I’m having no luck locating.) She uses a combination of machine and hand sewing. How great is this choice of fabric? Nothing says Christmas like a candy cane stripe.

Craft Passion

Check out these stunners in burlap and stripes. Joanne from Craft Passion sure knows how to take flattering photographs as well!

The Polka Dot Chair

Simplicity rules. This stocking has a great shape, which is why is deserves to be included. Few people actually own an embroidery machine for those names, but the pattern can still be used and adorned by hand.

Martha Stewart

There’s something about this basic stocking with a delicately embroidered name that just works. And if you need ’em to pop more than this rather rustic version, just swap for another color/fabric.

Allsorts Makery

The Pinterest image is what we call “orphaned”, but luckily the maker of this darling folk-inspired felt stocking pattern had it watermarked.

The Spruce Crafts

There is something so soothing about this simple shape in iconic Christmas colors. Not sure how much of that is actually due to the presence of the cute little bear. (But I do know I want one of those, too!)

Sew 4 Home

If Christmas and the Cirque du Soleil would have a baby stocking… Bold and bright colors, not necessarily Christmas-y in the classic sense, but boy does it look cheerful. Totaly smitten.

Bonus: Studio DIY

Embroidery letters are used here, but that’s really the only remote link with sewing. And if you go the hot glue gun route I can see this work with other letters and ornamentals… Or anything flat enough to stick. Consisting of nothing other than adorning ready-made stockings with letters, this is one of the most do-able projects in this compilation. Studio DIY! is also the perfect blog for a random dose of spunk and technicolor.

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