Free Printable Christmas Tags in Pastels :: Pick a Color

No matter the type and color of wrapping paper, chances are you will find free printable Christmas tags that match in here. And if the Christmas gift tags in this post don’t do it for you, scroll all the way down to check out some other free printable Christmas tags and Gift tags.

free printable Christmas tags pastel colors coral red blue lilac purple green pink


The high resolution files for great quality printing of these free printable Christmas tags will be available for free, after checking out with just your email address.

What To Do With Christmas Tags After The Big Day

Now you could have just written those names on the wrapping paper, but you went through the trouble of adding cute little tags. After all that, should these free printable Christmas tags just end up in the garbage on December 27th?

Maybe not! There are many fun ways to re-use and recycle free printable Christmas tags.

Five ways to give them a second life:

  • These printable Christmas tags would make great bookmarks, and why not plastify a few to keep them in good shape?
  • Add them to scrap-booking pages.
  • Use the Christmas tags as decoration in the photo-album of the holidays, next to the pictures.
  • Find a tiny frame and hang the one from your favorite gift on the wall, or collect them all, to make a bigger collage.
  • If you’re totally immune to the concept of ‘sentimental value’ and not attached to them at all, the back of a Christmas tag can be used to jot down a grocery list.


More Free Printable Christmas Tags & Gift Tags

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