Harry Potter Letter Template, Free Printable Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

harry potter letter free printable

This Harry Potter letter template – better known among fans as the ‘Hogwarts acceptance letter’ – was made for a family member, back when he turned eleven. So instead of letting it sit idly on my hard drive, why not turn it into a free printable?

harry potter letter template pin1

There are two versions.

One has an old paper or parchment look, the other has a white background.

Harry Potter Letter Template On “Parchment Paper”

The aged paper or “parchment” look here is part of the design. You can print the entire thing on plain paper or cardstock. No need to get fancy colored or textured paper; it’s included in the image.

harry potter letter parchment background

Harry Potter Letter (Parchment, Front & Back)


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The download is a two-page PDF file, size 8.5 x 11 inches.

When printing, keep in mind that you’ll need to manually put the same sheet back into the printer, all while selecting the appropriate page to print both times. That is – if you want them to be printed recto-verso. There is no law against gluing two pages together. 😉

Harry Potter Letter Template on White Background

This letter on a white background should be perfect if you’ll be using paper that already has the right look. Something with an air of vintage, aged, antique, parchment paper, etc.


Harry Potter Letter (White Background)


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Where to find the right paper? Check out tonnes of different styles and options right here.

The file is a one-page PDF, size 8.5 x 11 inches.

Using Coffee to Get the Look

Guess how I made the background for that first printable Harry Potter letter template?

It’s white card stock drenched in coffee.

If you prefer getting a little messy over fidgeting with printer settings to get a proper recto-verso setup, then making your own “parchment” paper with coffee is an excellent way to go!

Bonus: you’ll also use up less of the ink cartridges if printing at home.

Coffee works great to achieve the perfect effect. All you need is strong coffee and some time. As a last last-minute project, this won’t work. (It may go without saying, but just in case you’re the impatient type: printers don’t like to be fed wet paper, mmkay?)

Once dried properly, you may also want to give the sheet some time under a stack of heavy books.

How to make coffee paper step by step:

  • One way is to use a large oven dish or basin with a little coffee, placed in the tub, shower, or sink. Dip the sheets and hang to dry. Another way is to work flat and apply the coffee with a roller or paintbrush. Let them dry flat or hang as well.
  • Regular (thin) paper will rip a lot faster when wet than thick paper or cardstock. However, when handled carefully, even thin paper can totally work. Hanging to dry is best reserved for heavier cardstock. When working with thin paper, lay the sheets flat on a plastic table cloth or painting tarp, apply the coffee with a paintbrush, and let them dry in place.
  • The coffee needs to be strong. Stronger than you normally make, even if you drink the strongest coffee of everyone you know. Muuuch stronger.

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