Light Up the Darkness, a Simple Uplifting Typographic Printable


Do you like the elegant simplicity of black and white decor? This ‘Light up the darkness’ freehand typographic printable may be right up your alley. Made by hand without any guides, with ink in the blackest of blacks and an Oriental calligraphy brush. Oh, and it’s also free (without ‘-hand’) to download.


Light Up the Darkness 5x7


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Size & Format

The design comes as a PDF file with a total size of 8×10 inches. It has cutting guides along the sides. When printed true to size and cut along the guidelines, the end result will be 5×7.


Making-of & Resources

Since this is freehand writing a.k.a. hand lettering, there’s nothing to report as far as fonts go.

The ink I used is from a local store. From all the options on Amazon, the bottle pictured with the gold-colored box looks most like it, but hey… others should work equally well.

The brushes are hand-me-downs, but they look a lot like these. I hope they aren’t made from animal hair, but realistically there’s a fair chance they are. If I had to purchase new ones, that’s the main thing I’d make sure of, for obvious ethical reasons.

The lovely teak frame mockups are by Drifter Studio. They’re really easy and straightforward to work with.

Some mock-ups are just a little too good for this world (translation: for my poor ol’ Mac) because they’re so extensive. Loaded with every possible bell and whistle one could think of. Which makes the files heavy.

This one has everything I want and need in a mock-up, and nothing I don’t. And what’s not to love about the laid-back, tropical vibe?

Pin ‘Light Up the Darkness’

If you’d like to add these beautiful and inspiring words by Bob Marley to one of your boards, here’s a nice tall image that’ll look fancy on Pinterest.

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