Printable Halloween Masks: Butterfly nº1

Printable Halloween masks for princesses, for fairies, for beautiful little girls or other pretty creatures – this butterfly can flatter many different costumes.

Use it for playing trick or treat, for a Halloween party or a birthday party in May – either way, prepare to turn some heads with Dimensions of Wonder’s original, hand-drawn printable masks. Get your high resolution digital file to print as many masks as you need of these butterfly printable Halloween masks on Etsy or check out right here, right away with paypal, the most widely used secure online payment method.


A Relevant Fact, A Random Fact & A Rare Word


Relevant fact about butterflies

Walking around with butterfly printable Halloween masks on your face, you might as well know a little about these fascinating insects.

Butterflies have been around for a long time. The earliest butterfly fossils we know of, date from between 40 and 50 million years ago.

Just like bees, butterflies play a role in the pollination of flowers. The amount of pollen butterflies move is less, but they generally do carry it over longer distances than the bees. Speaking of long distances…

The Monarch butterfly migrates from Mexico to the North of the United States and South of Canada, a journey of over 2500 miles or 4000 kilometers. Butterflies can see polarized light, such as ultraviolet rays. These are visible to them even on cloudy days and help them to navigate during their migrations.


Random fact

Nothing to do with printable Halloween masks or butterflies, but… any idea who were the first humans to set foot on the South Pole?

The British explorer Robert Falcon Scott attempted the journey, starting in 1901. Together with Ernest Shakleton and Edward Wilson, after two years, he came as far as 82°16′ S. Imagine looking at another two years ahead of you to travel this same distance the other way!

Ernest Shackleton went back to Antarctica to try again. By the beginning of 1909, his expedition reached 88°23′ S and was then forced to turn back. They were 112 miles away from the Pole.

Roald Amundsen and his fellow Norwegian explorers reached the South Pole in December 1911. By that time the guy from the very first try, Robert Falcon Scott, was also trying again and hoping to get there first. Scott and his expedition made it to the Pole 34 days after Amundsen, in January 1912. None of Scott’s men survived the trip back to the Antarctic shore. Extreme cold and getting proper nutrition were the two main issues expeditions on Antarctica had to deal with. Roald Amundsen and his men, the first humans to reach the South Pole, had made a calculated scheme to survive the cold and malnutrition.

Part of their strategy was to start eating the dogs that pulled the sleighs, as the supplies gradually diminished.

A horrendous thought to most animal lovers out there… As one of them, I’m inclined to think we could have gone without setting our foot on the the Pole – it would still be there, right?


Rare word of the moment

Did you know… ?

Adagio is a term of Italian origin, used in music to define a slower, leisury pace for a tune to be played in. It will often be included in the piece’s title, for example “Adagio in C” of simply written on the page of music.



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