Llama Crochet Pattern Compilation; Here are the 12 Best Free Ones!

llama crochet pattern best of compilation

If you’re in search of a llama crochet pattern, check out this carefully cherry-picked compilation with twelve of the most adorable crocheted llamas on the web.

While putting together our list here, I came across so many llama-themed crochet patterns! Llama throw blankets, a llama pillowcase, a baby blanket, a potholder, a purse, a wall hanging, a hat, and a sweater… But we’ll save those for another day and another round-up.

Also – When did llama’s plot their world domination plan? Just like that, they have overtaken all things fabric, clothing, stationery, home decor, and – of course – the toy department. Rightfully so; they are adorable for sure. And I don’t think anyone will mind that they’re here to stay.

Other stuffed animals are cute, too. For example:

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So how about making a little llama friend? Grab your hooks and choose a winner from the list below. (And a few runners-up, if you’re feeling particularly industrious!)

Yarnspirations Llama Crochet Pattern

yarnspirations free lama crochet pattern

Oh my goodness, this guy… He’s just too much. I’d like one in white, one in cream, one in grey, and one in dark brown, please and thank you. Say what now? I’d have to make them myself? Right. That slipped my mind there for a second, being blinded by so much cuteness.

The crochet pattern can be downloaded here. But there are many more super-cute llamas below! Maybe take a minute to decide, instead of being like me: halfway to the finish line in your head at the sight of the first one.

Spin a Yarn Crochet Llama

spin a yarn crochet lama white

At Spin a Yarn Crochet, there’s nothing to download. You can follow along with the pattern steps and explanations in this article. The llama has more of a ‘naive’ look, as a preschooler would draw one – or, a Picasso. 😉

spin a yarn crochet lama brown

As the nose clearly shows, it is made up of two flat pieces (front and back) sewn/crocheted together. This is often seen as less daunting for beginners than working in the round. I addition to a super squishy lama buddy, you’ll be making tassels and little balls. That’s a fun little trick to get comfortable with since tassels and balls lend themselves to many projects. Christmas decoration garlands, for one!

Grace and Yarn Llama “Doll” Pattern & Detailed Tutorial

grace and yarn free lama doll crochet pattern

At Grace and Yarn, Stephanie will almost literally hold your hand throughout this sweet lama crochet pattern. Originally it was a “crochet-along” project, which she has collapsed into one long blog post. So this is not merely a pattern but also a complete tutorial and lots of pictures!

The Friendly Red Fox

Here is another sweet llama crochet pattern, complete with a step-by-step tutorial. Kali, the creator of this fluffy cutie has made the pattern available for free on her blog. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase a neat PDF version in her Etsy shop.

Durable’s Alpaca Alexia

durable alpaca alexia

That’s right, a lama and an Alpaca aren’t the same things. With that said, they look darn’ similar to most of us who aren’t experts. Might I add that when it comes to stuffed toy versions, the differences are even less flagrant? It makes sense to include them here. And you probably won’t be too surprised to find a few alpaca’s in a ‘best-of’ llama crochet patterns selection.

Durable’s alpaca pattern is well-made, with free downloadable PDF patterns in both US and UK terminology. Check ’em out here.

Knitted Story Bears Llama Alpaca

knittedstorybears llama alpaca

It looks like Vira from “Knitted Story Bears” had the same idea when she called her pattern a “llama alpaca”. This lil’ one has an amazing amount of fluff. (Which stands or falls with the type of yarn used, but still.)

The crochet pattern is noteworthy for its thorough tutorial with an immense amount of detailed pictures, showing various steps in the process. This may be the most beginner-friendly free llama crochet pattern on the list. You’ll still want to get familiar with the different stitches first but after that, start here – Vira has made the directions as clear as she possibly can for us.

Furls Crochet Lama Amigurumi Pattern

On Furls Crochet (or is it Furls Fiberarts?), you’ll find this llama crochet pattern. It doesn’t really include a tutorial, which should not be an issue for slightly more experienced crocheters. (Although, if you’re a total beginner, nothing prevents you from diving in and learning the ropes along the way!)

Furls Crochet neatly lists the steps/stitches, with pictures strewn throughout. The many images you’ll scroll past are all of the finished llamas (as pictured), so they won’t be of much help to clear up any ambiguities in the pattern.

Yarnspirations Lluna the Llama

yarnspirations lama pattern cotton yarn

Lluna the llama has the natural, texturized look of cotton Sugar’n’Cream yarn. Shape-wise, she’s sturdy and looks like she has no trouble standing on her own. I can’t help but wonder what this pattern would look like in a more fluffy yarn. Probably equally cute, don’t you think?

Lola Llama in Lion Brand Yarn

On Lovecrafts, you’ll find this free gem of a pattern. It’s quite a fluffmonster, with a huggable-factor that’s through the roof. The little man in the picture looks like he’s having a real cozy experience. At least we can hope he is mesmerized by the softness of Lion Brand yarn… And not scoping out the unfamiliar faces of the camera crew, ha. 😉

Hola the Alpaca

Hola the alpaca1

The pattern is actually in English, even though the rest of the text on this website is French. On Ravelry, you can also download an English pattern.

Hola the alpaca2

I’m smitten with the one with darker yarn for the face, but the all-white version has a lot going for it, too. What’s not to love?

Allie the Alpaca Toy

Allie the alpaca

Make and Do Crew brings us this stuffed lama toy, Allie the alpaca. Available for free, download the crochet pattern on Ravelry.

Llama Just Llama by While They Dream

Just llama

Check out this loveable llama and follow along with the free crochet pattern. Personally, I’m a big fan of stuffed crochet animals that are worked continuously. As opposed to having the limbs sewn onto the romp. There’s just something about the body and legs being in one piece… They look more elegant, less wobbly and honky-dory, and also as if they’ll be able to handle more ‘mistreatment’ from their little human owners.

Tip: Not everyone has plastic eyes for stuffed animals readily on hand. Why not take some inspiration from the llamas with embroidered faces? Experimenting is not only allowed but encouraged, since you can always cut the embroidery off and start over! The absence of loose parts is also better for babies and toddlers. In fact, the famous brand Gund makes their entire range for the youngest customers with embroidered faces only.

Bonus: Premium Llama Crochet Pattern Tips

It’s always enticing to see what’s on the paid end of the spectrum. As a bonus, I’m including the cutest llama crochet patterns where the creators ask for a small compensation for their hard work. If you still haven’t found a perfect match, a few bucks are all that stands between us and these llama loveys.

Christmas outfit llama crochet pattern

Lorenzo the llama. By Kami Dake, through Ravelry. Alternatively, scope out the many more review pictures and get this pattern on Etsy.

Amber Craft store takes embroidered eyes to whole next level here!

Louisa Llama is a bestseller on Etsy and it’s easy to see why. So is this one.

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