Printable Masks of Animals, Incl. a Free Coloring Page

printable masks of animals 1

Printable masks of animals are great for imaginative play all throughout the year. They can also come in handy to add to a last-minute (sort-of) costume when Halloween is around the corner.

In this compilation, you’ll find eight animal masks to print out at home. I’ve made these over the years for various purposes and now you can download them all in one place.

(Personal use only, please.)

How to Download your Printable Masks of Animals

  • The printable masks are high resolution PDF files (300 dpi) in standard size 8.5 x 11 inch.
  • The actual masks do noy have watermarks. Pages look like this:
printable masks goldfish water bubbles
  • Smaller designs fit on a single page. Larger masks come in two halves, taking up two pages. They need to be taped or glued along the midline.
  • Check out securely with Paypal (using only your email address, since they’re free) and download the printables right after.
  • The neeeded distance between the eyes may vary from one person to another. The masks can easily be printed out smaller, for example for children.

1. Striped Cat Printable Mask

2. Printable Butterfly Mask

3. Mirrored Goldfish Duo

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4. Peacock Printable Mask

This peacock mask is so exuberant it doesn’t fit on a single page! It prints on two pages, as seen below.

5. Red & White Printable Butterfly Mask


6. Green/Blue/Yellow Printable Butterfly Mask


7. Printable Male Lion Mask

printable lion mask

The image above shows what the mask looks like as a whole. However, this lion also has a big personality and needs two pages, like the peacock!

printable lion mask

8. Spider Mask Printable (+ Free Coloring Page)

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Here is the printable spider mask in color.

printable spider mask, printable Halloween mask, printable masks for kids, printable masks for children

Spider Mask Coloring Page

And here is the same design as a coloring page, because there are so many more ways to dress up this little one! Can you see it rocking some red?

free printable spider mask, printable Halloween masks, free printable masks for kids, free printable masks for children, masks to color

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