Free Bunny Sewing Pattern Top 10

free bunny sewing pattern top 10

I went on a small mission to find the nicest free bunny sewing pattern and here are the top ten contenders! It all depends on how you define ‘nicest’, of course. The ones that stand out to me are somewhat classic and either doll-like (with limbs), or looking like a realistic bunny.

However, not wanting to exclude some less conventional but equally creative finds, I’ve added a section with five more quirky bunnies to sew. Including free patterns, too.

10 Perfectly Cute (Free!) Bunny Sewing Patterns

Here’s a Free Bunny Doll Pattern with a classic rag-doll-shape. The shape is simple and the three dimensional look just comes from the stuffing. It makes this free printable pattern a good one if you’re just starting out, since patterns that consist of a lot more pieces are all the more complex and intimidating for beginners. Of course, those with more sewing experience are by no means excluded from tackling this bunny doll!

Sock animals are often sausage-shaped and rather odd-looking. We’ll just say it’s part of their charm. That’s me being nice, though, since most sock-creatures look anything but swoon-worthy. Turns out, you can actually make a more classic-looking stuffed rabbit out of a sock! Check out the lop-eared sock bunny.

Little lookers, these bunnies that are both flat and puffy. Playing with kids is part of your current resume? Try not to laugh out loud when reading the blog post that accompanies these cuties. So relatable. (But of course, the bunny needs a bunny of their own!) Also, can you see this pattern blown up to XXL – basically, the size of your toddler? I think it would be a hit.

The classic woolen bunny from Purl Soho. So perfect. All free to make, and we couldn’t ask for a more extensive, detailed tutorial in addition to the free bunny sewing pattern.

This color-block rabbit sewing pattern is spot on and the tutorial is one of the lengthiest, best explained ones you’ll find. Let your imagination lead the way as far as fabric is concerned. It doesn’t even really have to be a color-block rabbit; if you prefer a more tone-down look, just use the same fabric all throughout.

At Sew Mag you have to make an account for access to the free bunny sewing pattern. It gets you access to this heirloom stuffed animal that looks like it will be treasured by the lucky recipient. The step-by-step tutorial has no pictures.

The Velveteen Rabbit can be found at ‘Love Sewing Mag’. They nailed it with this real life-like shape. Making an account to download the pattern shouldn’t hold you back. So what might? The fact only the pattern is available for free. You’ll have to buy a copy of Love Sewing issue 37 to find the instructions. Slightly more experienced crafters can just wing it, right? The pattern shapes are rather explicit and can only fit together in so many ways. Without any experience, this can be a bit daunting, though.

Instead, check out this extremely thorough image-heavy tutorial for some sweet, soft, stuffable bunnies. The Cuddle Bunnies on Sew 4 Home have the oh-so-classically stuffed animal shape. The store-bought competition’s got nothing on them. And with a tutorial of this caliber, even a total beginner can dive right in.

On Sew What Alicia, there is a perfect free bunny sewing pattern for very little ones. A homemade version of those famous ‘taggies toys’, except that it’s much better looking than a simple square. The picture below was found through Pinterest and leads elsewhere, but the original post is here.

Ready for yet another blog name that is some kind of word-joke about sewing? “Me Sew Crazy” has a great tutorial alongside their free stuffed bunny sewing pattern. The result is this fluffy friend with quite a bit of character (and room for improvisation color-wise!). Okay, so maybe this one is meant to be Easter decor, but it really does have the potential to be so much more than that.

In a crafty mood today? We have more curated selections of the cutest, fluffiest, or quirkiest stuffed animals to make:

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Sewing Patterns That Don’t Really Look Like a Bunny

These stuffed bunnies are funny, different, or just plain weird. What they have in common is that they don’t look like a realistic (or anthropomorphic) bunny. If you’re game to produce a fluffy friend that looks more quirky than the rest… Well, here you go!

Abigail from the blog ‘While she naps” designed this dumpling called Sophia the Bunny. The tutorial has just enough pictures to show the relatively easy steps it takes to sew it together. It includes links to the printable pattern, and to other articles with explanations of used terms.

Download and print the Scrap Fabric Bunny Pattern to follow along with the tutorial on “Inspiration made simple”. And don’t forget that any pattern, but especially this one, is merely a shape. The looks of your stuffie totally depend on your choice of fabric. Eclectic and colorful, like the example here, looks great! However, I’m also seeing a minimalist, Scandi/Waldorf-ish version that would totally work.

Enter a small snuggle bunny found on Gingermelon Dolls. Not sure whether it was the designer’s intention but the style ‘Kawaii’ comes to mind. Any fellow adults out there who can picture this on their key chain? Or as a purse hanger?

It’s a snuggle monster bunny! This one relies heavily on the fabric for its eccentric looks. The face is so sweet it deserves to be used as an inspiration even if you’re not doing a pillow like this one. It would look fab in combination with any other flat-faced free bunny sewing pattern.

For the youngest ones around, here is a bunny lovey. The sewing pattern is for sale on Etsy if you’d also like a full-fledged tutorial with instructions. Alternatively, to download the free printable pattern all you need to do is subscribe to the newsletter.

And finally…

Bunny Sewing Patterns That Aren’t Free

These cost a few dollars. But they’re too cute not to mention. Besides, if you’re already getting fabric, fiberfill, a few extra pins and needles, embroidery floss, and whatnot, then throwing in a couple of bucks extra for a pattern you really like makes sense, right?

Some are even sold as complete kits, saving us from doing anything other than finding a good place to sit before starting on it. Like this one:

Chubby Bunny is one of the many cute stuffed animals designed by “Fluffmonger”. They’re sold as sewing patterns and kits.

Somebunny to Love could perhaps use some more flattering pictures, but you can tell it’s adorable. Lali Doll Nursery has an Etsy store. Bonus points for those over-sized paws!

On “The Makerist” there is a bunny rabbit, a floppy-eared bunny, and even an adorable Irish hare. Does that count as a bunny? I think so.

The Bunny rabbit stuffed animal doll below is designed by Margeaux Davis from Willowynn. I’m loving the overall shape and ‘potbelly’ of this bunny, coming from the signature-style teardrop-shaped body Margeaux gives all the animals in her collection.

bunny sewing pattern willowynn

At Veronika Noble on Etsy, you’ll find a pattern and tutorial for the sweetest 6-inch fluffy bunny with pearly eyes. It was designed by Sylvie Touzard for Noble Fabrics.

This project is (quote) “…perfect for upcycling your winter flannel bedding, your favorite baby clothes, shirt, or just gives you a reason to use up small scraps of fabric, or go to a fabric store.” That goes for many of the bunny sewing patterns in our compilation. But the one below is so dainty and lovely you probably won’t mind paying a few bucks for the pattern.

Made by Victoria Zhuk from “10×2 Studio”. Such attention to detail! The proportions are right-on and that jacket is too much.

Sweet! Another bunny sewing pattern that looks like a proper, store-bought stuffed animal. Actually, make that better than! The paid patterns and tutorials are often one step up from the free ones and here’s another prime example. Luxury fleece in combination with another fabric for the ears means there are so many ways to customize your creation, all while keeping the ‘classic’ stuffed animal look intact.

I’m not crazy about the Amish clothes here, but this Ms. Bunny has a nice face.

What’s going on under that dress? The preview pictures don’t give it away. If this bunny’s body is made nice enough to be seen, can we please be nudists? Oh never mind – scratch that: in the video tutorial, around 1:11:39, we get to see what Ms. Bunny looks like. It doesn’t really live up to my expectations for going wild & free. Either way… if a bunny in a dress is what you’re after, this one is well made and has a great tutorial to follow along.

Elise from Minky and Friends did a fine job capturing the essence of what a stuffed bunny toy should be: sweet, huggable, and simple. Meet her Bunny Rabbit on Etsy.

Amuru toys’ bunny rabbit is one of the smaller ones, but he’s got style! The printable pattern comes with detailed descriptions, sixteen photos, and a video. This project is suitable for beginners and entirely sewn by hand – no machine needed.

“In the making patterns”, also on Etsy, brings us this sweet pea with its very own overalls. (It’s also available with a little dress instead.) I suspect the linen fabric plays a good part in this stuffed bunny’s swag. Pictures from customers showing off their creations using this pattern actually look better than usual, which pleads for both the pattern and the tutorial.

Anna Pavlovna is the designer behind another ridiculously lovable bunny, for which you can get the printable pattern and instructions through her Etsy store. It’s hard to choose, with so many talented creators!

And that concludes our round-up of premium and free bunny sewing patterns. I hope you enjoy the compilation – let us know which one you’ve made in the comments!

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