Tropical Beach & Watermelon Printable Modern Geometric Wall Art

Tropical Beach Watermelon Printable Modern Abstract Wall Art

Introducing a set of two freebies to celebrate summer: a tropical beach and a watermelon printable. With their modern, geometrical style, they work well together or separately and are free to download.

set of 2 printable wall art

Printable Wall Art / Abstract Beach & Modern Watermelon

When you come to think of it, staring into the distance (or dreaming away) at the beach is always sort-of abstract – even the real thing. What happens when you let the bustle of splashing or tanning bodies fade away? You might actually drift off into the endless blues of the ocean and sky, and a smidge of pristine sand, if you’re lucky.

So that’s what I’m going for here: a simple, modern beach-inspired color block arrangement. Hey, you gotta admit… it works. I mean, try to look at this image and think of anything other than the beach! Quite a challenge, hmm?

And the watermelon printable? Even more unmistakable, right? While it also has been simplified to the max, that one is still so blatantly obvious it can hardly be referred to as ‘abstract’. Let’s go with ‘modern’ for that one.

tropical beach and watermelon summer printables wall decor

Some playing around with different sizes. Mockups are about as addiciting as chocolate – just one more (piece)!

free printable summer wall art beach vibes

Watermelon Printable

watermelon modern abstract design free printable art

Tropical Beach Printable

tropical beach modern abstract art

For lack of the real thing, you say? Can’t argue that it is a poor substitute. At least you won’t get sunburn any time soon from sitting next to this beach.

Speaking of sunburn – this is where I’m going to shamelessly refer to a topic very much unrelated to free printable wall art. However, it is related to tropical beaches.

If sunshine (whether in the tropics or elsewhere) usually has you lather up in protective lotion, check out this article about Cruelty-Free Sunscreen. Do we share a big heart for animals? Then these are the brands you need to know about, including tips on some of my personal favorites. Thank you for humoring this rather brusk segway; cosmetic animal testing is cruel and needs to end.

Tech Spec’s & Fine Print

Both designs are free of charge and come in the form of a PDF file. The resolution is 150 dpi for size 16×20, which means printing them in size 8×10 and 300dpi (or anything smaller) will look great.

To open and print, I recommend using Adobe Reader. It is readily installed on most computers and if not, you can find it through Adobe’s official website. (Link opens in a new window.) Downloading software can be tricky but for all the shady links found left and right and center on the internet, this one shouldn’t have you worried. Adobe is legit.

Last but not least, the fine print. You are welcome to print these as many times as needed to put on every wall and dream away within the comfort of your own home. If grandma wants some, that’s cool too. Anyone else – please refer them here to download their own.

All free printables are for personal use only. For any use beyond what’s mentioned above, please inquire.

Watermelon Printable Wall Art

Tropical Beach Printable Wall Art

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free summer themed wall art modern abstract designs
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